Genshin Impact Golden Apple Archipelago Guide and Conch Locations

The Genshin Impact Golden Apple Archipelago reappears in Version 2.8. It will show off brand new features and challenges, including the main event Summertime Odyssey. This location also has the event called Resonating Visions where you can collect Phantasmal Conches to get a free Fischl outfit in exchange. Read on to find out how to unlock the Golden Apple Archipelago area and what to expect there and collect all Phantasmal Conch locations. You simply need to head to the exact Phantasmal Conch locations by looking at the Genshin Impact Interactive Map.

Golden Apple Archipelago Guide and Conch Locations

How To Unlock Golden Apple Archipelago

To unlock the Golden Apple Archipelago in Version 2.8, you will need to complete the quest Summertime Odyssey: I.
The first part of the Summertime Odyssey event unlocks on 15 July 2022 at 10:00.

To be eligible to unlock Golden Apple Archipelago, players must meet the following requirements:
  • Adventure Rank 32 or above
  • Completed Archon Quest “Chapter II: Prologue – Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves”
  • Completed Mona’s Story Quest
The Adventure Rank requirement to complete Mona’s Story Quest has been temporarily adjusted to 32.

Golden Apple Archipelago 2.8 Events

The Golden Apple Archipelago will contain the following events:

  • Surfpiercer: Waverider challenges with Primogems and Hero’s Wit as rewards
  • Summertime Odyssey: Series of Waverider and Phantom Realm challenges that grant rewards including Primogems and Iridescent Flotsam that can be exchanged for a free Fischl.
  • Resonating Visions: Collect Phantasmal Conches and exchange them for a free Fischl outfit.
  • Reminiscent Regimen: A co-op event in which you and a friend can take on various challenges.

Resonating Visions – Phantasmal Conch Locations

There are two types of Phantasmal Conches:

  1. Echoing Conches
  2. Imaging Conches

Genshin Impact Golden Apple Archipelago – Echoing Conch Locations

Secret Mission Log: I: Twinning Isle – On a ledge by the base of the mountain.

Secret Mission Log: II: Twinning Isle – On top of the mountain. If you’re unable to find a way here, you can climb the mountain on the island directly south of this one and glide across.

Secret Mission Log: III: Broken Isle – On a pile of rocks by the beach.

Secret Mission Log: IV: Broken Isle – On a flat stone close to the base of the mountain, to the left of the Teleport Waypoint.

Secret Mission Log: V: Broken Isle – Between two stones right by the water.

Secret Mission Log: VI: Pudding Isle – On a rock just by the beach

Secret Mission Log: VII: Pudding Isle – On a small rock right by the water, on the lower right side of the island.

Secret Mission Log: VIII: Minacious Isle – On a rock by the inner base of the mountain.

Sojourners’ Song I: Unavailable

Sojourners’ Song II: Unavailable

Sojourners’ Song III: Unavailable

Sojourners’ Song IV: Unavailable

Imaging Conch Locations

Ongoing Mission Image: I: Twinning Isle – On a rock close to the beach.

Ongoing Mission Image: II: Broken Isle – On a rock, near an abandoned hilichurl camp.

Ongoing Mission Image: III: Pudding Isle – Right beside the Teleport Waypoint on top of the island’s mountain.

Ongoing Mission Image: IV: Minacious Isle – On top of a ledge in the inner part of the Minacious Isle mountain. You need to carefully climb up using roots and the ruins to get here.

Central Camp Image: I: Minacious Isle – On top of the mountain. You will have to climb from the inner side carefully, using the roots and ledges to your advantage.

Central Camp Image: II: Unavailable

Central Camp Image: III: Central Island – On some crates in the empty camp located on the centermost island on the map.

Central Camp Image: IV: Unavailable

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