Genshin Impact Summer Fantasia Complete Guide: How To Start and Finish

The big Genshin Impact Summer Fantasia event is upon us! And all you need is a decent Adventure Rank and good progress in the game’s story.

Genshin Impact Summer Fantasia Events

To start Summer Fantasia’s Summertime Odyssey events, you need to:

  • Be at least Adventure Rank 32 or higher
  • Complete Mona’s story quest “Beyond the World’s Stars” (Astrolabos Chapter: Act I)
  • Complete Chapter 2 Prologue: Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves

The first Summer Fantasia event is live on July 15, Surfpiecer, a Waverider race and collection event with several stages. The character Domains unlock starting July 16, starting with Kazuha’s Domain. A new Domain unlocks each day and requires you to finish another stage in the Summertime Odyssey quest.

Kazuha story quest and how to unlock

A story quest is getting added in for Kazuha, “Acer Palmatum Chapter.” Players looking to unlock this story quest will need to

  1. Use a Story Key (redeemable by finishing your daily commissions)
  2. Reach Adventure Rank 40, and
  3. Finish Archon Quest “Chapter II: Act III — Omnipresence Over Mortals”
  4. Raiden’s story quest “Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act I — Reflections of Mortality.”

How to participate in the Genshin Impact Summertime Fantasia and Summertime Odyssey event

The Summertime Odyssey event (starts July 15) will require you to travel to this year’s Golden Apple Archipelago. Many rewards will be available such as a free copy of Fischl, plenty of Primogems, Mora, and lots more. The event will run through the entirety of 2.8, but there’ll definitely be other events sprinkled in between, but here’s how to get started.

  1. Reach Adventure Rank 32.
  2. Finish Archon quest “Chapter II: Prologue — Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves.”
  3. Complete Mona’s story quest “Astrolabos Chapter: Act I — Beyond This World’s Stars.” Alternatively, tap on the Quick Start on the event page if you need to bypass completing Mona’s story quest.
  4. Once you’ve been to the Golden Apple Archipelago by following the storyline, you’ll be able to re-access it by tapping on Map in your main menu.

Summer Fantasia includes a round of conch shell gathering, which is similar to the event in Midsummer Island Adventure in 2021. This might earn you Fischl’s new outfit before it starts costing Genesis Crystals in the in-game store.

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