WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition – Review

Final Verdict: 8/10

WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition is truly ultimate and is now available on Steam! With all the content of “WARRIORS OROCHI 3”, new characters and episodes that deepen the story, new modes, and DLC that has been released for other platforms, enjoy the world of Orochi on PC now.


The Story so Far

In contrast to Dynasty Warriors, which is partly based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the Orochi series takes place in another dimension and confronts you against a demon menace. The title “Ultimate Definitive Edition” refers to the re-release of Warriors Orochi 3, which includes several additional characters and features.

In the narrative mode, you go back in time to gather troops for your army to combat the demon threat. Because, in the beginning, timeline, everyone has already died in the conflict. Although goofy, it is simple enough to understand. All of the voice acting is in the original Japanese, and thankfully, the subtitle translation is accurate. Although you can’t read subtitles when moving through a crush of bodies, the exposition during combat isn’t fantastic.

PC Upgrades

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition’s Steam version has the following features:

  • With characters from Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur, there are 145 playable characters.
  • New stories that weren’t in the original Warriors, as well as smaller situations 3 Orochi
  • Additional game modes include Musou Battlefields, Duel Mode, and Gauntlet Mode in addition to Story.
  • A vast array of DLC: More than 500 things are featured, including situations, clothes, weapons. And more that have been made available for other platforms.
  • Support for a keyboard and mouse
  • A variety of graphical options for PC


Power, speed, technique, and wonder are the four main sorts of fighters represented in the ensemble. Power types can strike without flinching. Speed types can escape danger and cancel out of combinations. Technique types have a sidestep maneuver. And wonder kinds may dash to maintain a combo and get past an opponent’s defenses. As you might expect, the many styles allow for even more experimentation. But regrettably, some skills are far more helpful than others. For example, the sidestep of the technique type depends greatly on the circumstance, and most of the time you’ll want to maintain your attacking posture anyhow.

There is therefore a tonne to explore and complete, but even after you have repeatedly defeated Orochi and his army, there is still a tonne of stuff to plow through. In addition to the crowded battlefields, the game provides a number of other, less conventional modes that, although not feeling completely finished, may be amusing in their own right.

Final Verdict

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition is the best way to play one of the most loved and amazing Musou game. The PC port is done quite well with good performance, great scalability in terms of settings for PC, and all of the DLC that has been released for the game so far. While the game itself might be slightly older, the game is still incredibly fun and the release on PC means you can enjoy the game at it’s best.

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