Why God of War on PC is better than on PlayStation [LIVESTREAM]

As Sony brings more and more of its exclusive titles to PC, the age-old debate has once again risen from the ashes – Which platform is better to play them, PC or PlayStation? God of War is already there, and with Spider-Man coming out on PC next month, it’s going to get more heated. There are various schools of thought, depending on preferences (obviously). Some people like having the convenience of a console, while others are all about high performance. Some are enthusiastic to play the games at launch, and some don’t mind waiting a couple of years to play them on their preferred platform.

So, what’s the way to go? I wonder about that a lot too, so I decided to check out God of War on stream to see how it looks and plays, and whether playing on PC is a better experience than I what I had on the PS4 and PS5. Here’s the stream, check it out!


For those who prefer reading than watching, don’t worry, I got your back too! Personally, I believe that PC provides a much better experience. Here’s why:

1. Options, options and options

While the game on the PS4/PS5 is limited to fixed specs, PC gaming opens up a whole world of customizable settings. From texture quality to shadows to resolution to effects, you can tweak pretty much every setting to suit your preference and setup. You can even choose to play on the original settings which are fixed for the consoles. Meanwhile, both the PS4 and PS5 are limited in terms of settings fixed by the devs. You can switch between performance and resolution modes on the PS5, but both of those come with preset options, so no customization there either.

2. No Compromises

The PS5 lets you choose between two modes – Resolution Mode, which runs the game in 4K, and Performance Mode, which brings down the resolution to 1080p but cranks the framerate up, which goes up to 60FPS at max. But what about all the folks in the middle? With time, the 1440p 144Hz setup is becoming more and more popular. But the PS5 doesn’t really have an option for that (Yes, I know VRR exists, but the implementation is limited to a few games so let’s not get into that for now).

Enter the PC MasterRace, where you decide exactly how you want to play it. 1080p @ 120FPS? Go for it! 1440p @ 60/90/120  FPS? Yes, sir! 4K @ 60+ FPS? Absolutely, if your PC can manage it. As long as you have a powerful enough PC, you can unleash the full potential of the game. Another benefit of PC gaming – Upscaling techs like NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR. The PS5 is also in the process of implementing FSR, but until that happens, PC is the place to be.

3. M O D S

This perhaps is one reason why I prefer playing any game on the PC. You can mod the crap out of it! From little tweaks to visual enhancements to complete model replacements and overhauls, the possibilities are endless. Don’t believe me? There is a mod that allows you to play God of War as Homer and Bart Simpson. I’m not kidding, it even turns the “Stranger” into Ned Flanderson!

Now that we’ve established that PC is the superior platform, I would also like to mention that not all is bad about playing games on the PS5. I ain’t a hater, y’all. The PS5 has two big advantages over PC, and nobody can deny that:

1. Convenience

Do you know what PS5 users don’t have to deal with? Graphics driver problems and crashes because Windows likes to screw up randomly. The PS5 is a computer made dedicatedly for gaming, so all you have to do is run the game and play it. Simple, easy and hassle-free.

2. No Waiting

Since we’re talking about former PlayStation-exclusive titles, it’s evident that people on the PS4/PS5 get to play them before those on PC. Sony has come up with a brilliant business model, launch the games exclusively for their consoles first, then release them on the PC a couple of years later. This way, not only do they maintain value for their platform, they get a boost in sales via PC when the game gets ported. And I don’t think I need to tell you that hardcore fans of these titles don’t shy away from buying the game on both platforms. So, PC users are at Sony’s mercy while PlayStation users can enjoy every exclusive title the day it comes out. For instance, most PS4 users played God of War back in 2018 while PC gamers had to wait until early 2022 to get their hands on it.

So. . .moral of the story? Sony should just release all their games on the PC because that’s how everyone wins. Even if they come out a year or two after the PlayStation release, it brings in more fans and more money. And more people get to enjoy more games in more ways. And we get more mods and even more things to look forward to. What more can you ask for?

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