Lost Epic – Review

Our Score: 8/10

LOST EPIC is about a conflict between gods and humans in a 2D side-scrolling action role-playing game. The player assumes the identity of the deity-defying knight, God Slayer, and journeys into the Sanctum to overthrow the Pantheon of Six.

Lost Epic - Fog

You play as a Knight in Lost Epic, a custom character you create, on a mission to slay the new gods. Although it has a few harsh moments, the tale is typical for the genre. Even yet, the narrative doesn’t jump out as very original or creative. The aesthetics are, by a fair margin, the strongest aspect. Contrary to what followers of the genre may anticipate, every zone is vivid and well-detailed.

It is simple to recall where you are in the zone without having to repeatedly consult the map because each space has its own distinct personality. The majority of the spaces are outdoors, and they have a lot of colour and flavour. That’s not to imply there aren’t some gloomy or dim locations, but each zone has an own personality.

Slaying Actions

Lost Epic - Combat

For those looking for action, Lost Epic offers a lot. A number of weapons are available for your character to use, and combat go quickly. You have the usual light and heavy strikes, a dodge, and a guard, but you may also apply skills based on the weapon you are using. The richness that battle offers comes from these abilities. You can learn and adjust to any circumstance with a vast selection of attacks and perks. Some assaults work well to shock larger foes, while others can neutralise airborne dangers. Enemies can also be stunned, which enables a final blow to either completely eliminate the threat or do significant damage. Actions have a weightless feeling, which makes it difficult to tell whether you land a hit or get hit by someone else. In more serious battle circumstances, this may result in a little confusion.

Standard Blades, Great Weaponry, and Bows are the three different types of weapons. Each type of weapon has a talent associated with it that, if mastered in battle, may be used to any weapon in that class. Although you can’t combine talents from various weapon kinds, there is still a wide range to explore. You have a number of Sub Weapons in addition to your basic weapons, and they can all attack, support, and use abilities.

The Tree of Might

Lost Epic - Wolf

No matter what kind of primary weapon or subweapon is equipped, subweapon skills can be employed. These abilities, known as Divine Skills, can block particular opponent strikes to open up opportunities for combos in addition to dealing damage. You must develop weapons in order to get new ones. Additionally, when you accomplish missions or locate buried monuments around the world, you get additional recipes.

These recipes expand the capabilities of each weapon tree. Each recipe requires either zone materials, which might be of many sorts, or fragments from monsters. The nature of the produced weapon may be changed by using these various components. For instance, to give the final weapon a fire element, you may add a chipped fang with a fire characteristic to the creation.

Although you cannot add two elements to the same weapon, you can double up to add a status condition like Poison or Sleep and an element to the weapon. Making as many weapons as you can is advantageous since each weapon requires learning new abilities. You may make a variety of armors, potions of healing, and cosmetic items with the crafting system.

Even when not engaged in battle, there are plenty of things to do. Fishing, cooking, and very little farming are all present. You may generate materials for cooking or crafts by sowing seeds. You may pick up cooking techniques to make foods that are healing and have a variety of extra benefits. In addition to providing you with a variety of fish for cooking, fishing may also be done to locate the largest fish. These don’t go into great detail, but they do give the game a lot of character.

Final Verdict

LOST EPIC is an action-packed 2D side-scroller with a gorgeous art style and catchy gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.

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