Sword and Fairy: Together Forever – Review

Our Score: 8/10

In Sword and Fairy: Together Forever, enter a world that combines ancient legend with conventional oriental aesthetics. Together Forever puts you in charge of a colourful cast of characters, each with their own personalities, motivations, talents, strengths, and weaknesses. The game weaves its story across the three clans of Human, Deity and Demon, Sword and Fairy, and Human. They can only influence the future as a group! In this gripping solo chapter, which serves as a starting point for those new to Sword and Fairy while honouring the series’ illustrious history, guide them as one.

word and Fairy: Together Forever - Field

Quest for Balance

The protagonists of Sword and Fantasy: Together Forever are the human swordswoman Yue Qingshu and the god Xiu Wu. They recruit other party members along the way. All of whom are all eager to contribute to the restoration of the realm’s peace. The crew has to figure out why the element deities aren’t acting like themselves. Espeically since they are out of control in the realm. The drama swiftly escalates as a result of this. And so does the rivalry between various parties for control of the deities and the realm.

We begin by controlling Xiu Wu who appears to be trapped in the Demon Realm of Yanbo. And is attempting to escape by dodging a horde of demonic creatures. At first, there doesn’t seem to be a pattern or rationale to what is occurring. But I was astonished that it wasn’t simply going to take place on Earth and was eager to learn more.

word and Fairy: Together Forever - Combat

When you pass through this exciting tutorial portion, Yue Qingshu, becomes our primary character. As you freely explore a settlement and the vast woodland region surrounding it, doing straightforward side tasks and getting a feel for the fighting, the plot takes a backseat. But soon after, Ziqiu, a little kid who appears to be more than simply an innocent youngster in need of rescue, is saved by Qingshu. She then encounters Xiu Wu, the earlier protagonist, ushering in an adventure spanning several planets with a cohesive (albeit there are many options to go off) plot.

Sword Mastery

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever, in contrast to the other turn-based games in the series, has thrilling real-time action. Although quite adaptable, the combat is very approachable. Switching between the various party members’ unique weaponry and skill sets is relatively simple. Veteran RPG players will be familiar with the fact that characters have a variety of special attacks that have magical effects in addition to their light and heavy assaults. Combat is centered on a variety of simple-to-master combinations that fit together smoothly. Mechanically, Sword and Fairy: Together Forever is extremely similar to Western-style role-playing games. Action in the game alternates between cut sequences and player-controlled combat at certain points. These scenes mostly use quick time events as the player input.

word and Fairy: Together Forever - Enemy

There are several side missions in Sword and Fairy: Together Forever in addition to the main quest. The majority of these are brief, stimulate exploration, and have a little amount of battle. They typically relate to the main plot. Naturally, the majority of them are kill-or-fetch missions, but they are worthwhile for the experience points or goodies. The first few hours of Sword and Fairy: Together Forever aren’t very difficult, but a difficulty increase can catch players off guard. It is advised to level consistently.

Lore Galore

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever’s early stages left me confused about a lot of things, but luckily the game’s library in the menu helped fill in the blanks on people, settings, etc. The vast number of translation mistakes I discovered didn’t help. You’ll be reading a lot because the game’s audio isn’t localised. Grammar and spelling issues, as well as statements that just make no sense in context, greatly detract from the immersion. Despite some pacing flaws, it does have an intriguing plot to follow, and I found myself interested in finding out what happened to Qingshu and the rest of the group.

Even though there are sometimes mistakes in the English subtitles and they are sometimes translated in a way that doesn’t make sense, the sound design of the game is very good. The music score is even better. In fact, it’s one of the best RPG soundtracks I’ve ever heard. It combines parts of traditional orchestral sounds with sounds and tones from traditional Chinese music. It ranges from loud pieces that play during fights to quieter ones that play during more personal parts of the game.

Final Verdict

word and Fairy: Together Forever - Close

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever is a great Chinese RPG that is sure to find a lot of love. The game’s re-release on the PlayStation platform is bound to bring in a lot of new players. The game features a lot of fresh and fun ideas, alongside an intriguing story, great combat and a plethora of lore.

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