King Arthur: Knight’s Tale – Review

Our Score: 7/10

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a contemporary reworking of a well-known Arthurian mythology tale that incorporates dark fantasy elements and puts a new spin on the classic chivalric stories. a distinctive cross between classic, character-focused role-playing games and turn-based tactical games.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Conversation

You are Sir Mordred, the villainous former dark knight from the gloomy legends who was opposed to King Arthur. King Arthur was murdered by you, but as he was passing away, he hit you. You both perished, yet you are still alive.

The Lake Calls You

His quest to Avalon was derailed when he was killed in a violent battle against Sir Mordred, who was also fatally wounded. The Lady of the Lake has now resurrected you, Sir Mordred, to life again too. Now a shell of his former self, he brings disaster to the realm. She also assigns you the responsibility of slaying King Arthur once more.

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Even if you are strong as Sir Mordred, you still need to gather allies to battle for you if you want to succeed. While on your quest, you will come across several warriors that you may choose to join your party. But, you can only choose four at a time. The remainder will wait until you are called back to Camelot. However, not everyone will be eager to accompany you. You decide what type of leader you want to be. And depending on the numerous decisions you make along your journey. Some of your prospective allies may decide not to go with you. Additionally, people under your leadership now potentially defect.

Fight the Good Fight

In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, you spend a significant portion of your time exploring regions. Regions that you choose from a globe map while the action is seen from an isometric viewpoint. There are numerous unseen obstacles along the path, which may frustrate those who enjoy exploring every nook and corner in video games. But it is still beneficial to do so. Each character may be outfitted with a weapon, armour, accessories, and potions as well as money, which are considered loot. As you explore, you’ll also come across shrines and resting places where you may replenish your health and armour or get a valuable buff mid-mission.

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However, the main focus of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is battle. Battles are fought using traditional grid-based turn-based combat, where one side makes a move after the other. Each character has a bank of AP that they may use to perform a variety of actions. If an adversary is within striking distance, you might be able to make two assaults in one round. Moving will use part of your AP if you have to travel to them. You can reserve your AP for use on your next turn if you don’t want to attack. Or enable overwatch, which will attack an opponent automatically if they enter your area during their turn.

Stand Your Ground

Each battlefield is unique since battles take place on the same maps that you explored in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. Environmental challenges are common; for example, you can be battling among castle ruins, in which case you must more carefully plot your path to an adversary. However, you may take use of the surroundings; for instance, tactically hiding your heroes behind walls or in other safe places may shield them from hostile arrows.

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Each party member has a unique collection of weapons, armour, and talents because they all come under one of the several classes. Additionally, you may visit character panels in between missions, where you can use skill points you’ve earned to unlock new talents or improve the ones you already have. You may also equip new tools and weapons here. As you invest more skill points, new tiers with additional upgrades and powers become available. In the end, you are in command of how your party develops, therefore it is important to build them up and keep them around.

Final Verdict

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a great game for those looking for an interesting RPG experience with lots of great moments throughout. It’s got an interesting take on a classic story and you get to mold it the way you feel fit. Not to mention, it’s quite fun to play as well.

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