The Dragoness: Command of the Flame – Review

Our Score: 7/10

The Dragoness: Command of the Flame combines roguelite elements with HOMM-style exploration, city-building, and tactical turn-based fighting. While you explore a planet devastated by conflict, you can choose your fights, pathways, and talents. assemble and control your animal army, gather resources, and grow your city.

The Dragoness: Command of the Flame - Dragon

Lighting the Flame

Head off on a historic journey through the Drairthir Peninsula. a region torn apart by rival dragon clans. Assume the position of a Commander who has been chosen by The Dragoness to aid her in her campaign of conquest and global peace.

The Dragoness: Command of the Flame - Pyramid

You are in charge of rebuilding the once-great city of Nwenborh after finding yourself in its destroyed capital. You can only prepare for the dangers that lie ahead by assembling a strong beast army and controlling your resources. Only sharp strategic thought and tactical prowess will enable you to prevail in these challenges. As the Commander, you are thrust into a battle between the honourable Regals and the corrupted Shai-Va, two dragon houses that are at war with one another.

Find Your Place

You are escorted by a battle pangolin named Natiq. He also has a really interesting voice, which can make it difficult for some to concentrate on what he says. He basically acts as your guide through decisions and experiences, giving advice when you need it. Gathering resources, discovering treasure, interacting with side missions and NPCs, and starting combat engagements all take place in the overworld. You’ll occasionally encounter NPCs who will ask you to execute side missions for them. Although Natiq performs all the speaking, there is a lot of voiceover. Although you are not required to accomplish these side tasks, doing so generally pays well.

The Dragoness: Command of the Flame - Snow

You’ll visit your hub base in between, which you may grow and build upon. The city-building aspect is straightforward. When you go between districts, you simply erect necessary buildings. Like the Magic Amplifier, which directly advances the plot. As you advance, you will have access to a forge, an Oracle, and training fields. But you will require a significant amount of money to construct them.

The majority of resources are found through attacking nodes on the overworld map, but you may also get them by fighting. The combat itself is a somewhat monotonous affair, despite the fact that there are some intriguing concepts on exhibit. Your attacker is positioned on the other side of a simple square grid from which you are positioned. You have the option to move, attack, defend, or utilise a skill each turn. Numerous mythical creatures, like Ents and centaurs, are represented in your units, all of which may be used to your advantage. Centaurs, for instance, may employ ranged attacks to target opponents all around the battlefield.

Fanning the Fire

It’s interesting how the game progresses. Utilizing several buildings, such as the Oracle, which you select each time you return to the capital after a mission, you may change loadouts, sometimes referred to as Revival Spells. You will constantly need to choose a new Revival Spell, and you will always receive randomised talents with it, whether you win or lose.

The defense of your soldiers may be strengthened with abilities like Reinforce, but you can also create your own end-of-turn bonuses that activate at the conclusion of each turn, whether it be an exploration or combat one. These offer minor enhancements each round, such as increased mobility range or resource collection bonuses. You can never be sure the talents and perks you’ll bring into the next task. Which gives the action a rogue-lite feel.

Final Verdict

The Dragoness: Command of the Flame is an interesting turn-based strategy game that is a solid experience for fans of the genre. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel but it is bound to be a fun, worthwhile experience for you.

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