Genshin Impact Anniversary 2022

Popular open-world and free-to-play gacha game Genshin Impact will turn two this September. The Genshin Impact anniversary is sure to come with a host of rewards for loyal players, as the first anniversary did back in 2021. To know what to expect in Genshin Impact Anniversary 2022, read on!

When is the Genshin Impact Anniversary?

Genshin Impact was originally released on September 28, 2020. Last year’s anniversary event took place on September 28 also, so we can expect the same from this year.

Genshin Impact Anniversary 2021

Last year’s event was celebrated with a live stream and concert, with the following rewards and events for players:

  • ‘An Unforgettable Journey’ event which rewarded players with either 40 Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore or Mora for completing.
  • ‘A Message In Time’ Event with only a 10% chance of getting the ‘Blessing of the Welking Moon’ reward. The other 90% rewarded players with 100,000 Mora.
  • Art Repost Competition
  • Cosplay Competition
  • ‘Recording your Anniversary’ competition
  • ‘Lets Solve Word Puzzles’ competition

Besides a few rewards, HoYoverse mostly released competitions, where the prizes would only be given out to a select few thousand competitors amongst the millions of fans. This sparked controversy amongst the fanbase who claimed HoYoverse cared more about the free promotion received from these competitions rather than rewarding its loyal fanbase. This led to wide-scale review bombing of the game on digital stores.

A week after the anniversary, HoYoverse released additional rewards.

  • Primogems x 1600
  • Windglider
  • Fragile Resin x 4
  • A Serenitea Pot furnishing

Possible Rewards in Anniversary 2022

1) Limited Wing Glider

One possible reward for the game’s anniversary celebrations would be a limited-time Wing-Glider provided by the developer through in-game mail.

2) Primogems

As expected, the limited and premium currency of the game is one of the most obvious rewards the developers will give to players. During the first anniversary, Travelers received a total of 1600 Primogems. However, it was distributed evenly, with players receiving 400 Primogems on four consecutive days. This move encourages players to log into the game daily and try out the different in-game events.

3) Online Concert

The most memorable reward for the first Genshin Impact anniversary would have to be the grand concert that was aired on Twitch and YouTube.

4) In-game events

The festival will never truly end until there is one reward given to Genshin Impact, disguised in events. Last year’s Moonlight Merriment event was the highlight of the first anniversary, rewarding Travelers with tons of Primogems and a 4-star Claymore called the Luxurious Sea-Lord.

5) Giveaway

The official forum of the HoYoverse, HoYoLAB, is having its first-ever anniversary and many giveaways are being hosted for users there. Since Genshin Impact has its own section in the HoYoLAB, the developer may create many giveaways and events to celebrate the game’s second anniversary, with merchandise and in-game currency as potential rewards for participants.

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