Genshin Impact: All about Capitano

Capitano, also known by his codename “The Captain,” is one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. He makes his first appearance during Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser: A Winter Night’s Lazzo alongside his fellow Harbingers. His rank in the group is not yet known. Childe notes Capitano’s prowess on the battlefield and aspires to prove his worth to him. Get to know all about this character here!

Will Capitano be playable?

Despite being the villain, miHoYo seems to be planning for the Eleven Fatui Harbingers to eventually be playable characters. At least six of them, including Columbina, will be playable in the future, according to leaker SpendYourPrimos.

However, SpendYourPrimos also reminds the fanbase to remember that the Fatui Harbingers are part of a “5-6 year roadmap” plan. So will be long until we see some of them in a banner, and we might only start seeing them somewhere in the late 3.0 or early 4.0 Genshin Impact update.

Lore of the Fatui Harbingers

In the world of the game, the Fatui is a delegation of diplomats from the northern land of Snezhnaya, which is ruled by the ice-elemental Cryo archon, the Tsaritsa. The Fatui represents the Tsaritsa’s interests overseas, and while the organization is formally known as a diplomatic delegation, it often undermines the internal workings of other nations.

The Fatui Harbingers are a high council of 11 fighters who have worked their way to higher echelons of leadership under the Tsaritsa. They are known for harnessing their elemental powers through an object called a Delusion, an artificially produced means to harness elemental powers.

In the world of Teyvat, the gods typically bestow elemental powers to players in the form of talismans called Visions, but the Harbingers have artificially created these powers through dubious methods. Developer Hoyoverse released a teaser trailer that gave fans a look at the Fatui Harbingers.

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