Genshin Impact Xbox Edition

Gamers have been asking for a long time if they will see a Genshin Impact Xbox Edition anytime soon. And with the massive popularity that the game has gained among PlayStation 4, mobile, and computer users, it is yet to be so for Xbox users. However, plenty of rumors are floating around that Genshin Impact will soon launch on Xbox.

About Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact possesses a massive cast of playable characters and an intriguing story. The game is set in Teyvat, and the setting has lands of many nations. Every nation has a set of specific features and worships a different god. The story revolves around twins fighting with unnamed gods. The players can choose if they want to be a male or a female. One twin gets captured, and the other one gets sealed away. After a while, the twin comes to life and teams up with a fairy-like helper named Paimon on a quest to find the long-lost twin.

Is Genshin Impact Available On Xbox?

No, Genshin Impact isn’t on Xbox yet. Although, publisher miHoYo is currently focused on developing a Switch version of the game.

The initial development of Genshin Impact proved to be a rather difficult journey for miHoYo. Some labeled it as a “Breath of the Wild” doppelganger, while others critiqued the anime-style visuals.

When will the Genshin Impact Xbox Edition come out?

There have been no hints about the launching of Genshin Impact Xbox Edition as per the latest news. They have no plans to launch the game on Xbox anytime soon. However, announcements have been made that the game will be launched on PlayStation 5.

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