Sumeru Characters: All We Know So Far

Genshin Impact is 3.0 is already on the run with the new territory called Sumeru and its new characters possessing the Dendro element. According to Hoyoverse new characters are to be released with every major update. There’s usually at least one Genshin Impact banner with a minimum of one brand new character with each new update. Find out more about the new and upcoming characters below!

New Characters

Developer Hoyoverse released a preview video that showed new information about its upcoming Sumeru region on Thursday which include new lore information on Sumeru, teases of six characters, and more information on enemies.

  • Dori (Claymore, Electro): New 4-star character we will see in the 3.0 update. She is a merchant on the road who has a costume that makes her look like a genie. Her full name is rumored as Dori Sangemah Bay. She wields a claymore and uses the Electro Element. Her model will use a small body type. The Dori banner will debut during the second half of Genshin Impact 3.0, where she will be a supporting character on the Ganyu banner and Kokomi banner reruns.


  • Collei (Bow, Dendro): A 4-star Dendro archer in Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update with the teen body model. She first appeared on the game’s official Webtoon. You can get Collei for free via the Graven Innocence event.


  • Tighnari (Catalyst, Dendro): A 5-star Dendro character who supposedly wields a bow. Tighnari is a five-star Dendro Bow user from Sumeru. The Tighnari banner is live and will run until September 9.


Upcoming Characters


  • Nilou: previous round of Genshin Impact leaks make reference to character data attributed to someone called ‘Nilou’, and further rumours suggested she is a Hydro Sword character. We know she will be involved in the initial storyline for the 3.0 update thanks to a Sumeru teaser video where she is shown and named.


  • Dehya: An Eremite mercenary. she will be involved in the initial Sumeru storyline for the 3.0 update. Genshin leaker Mero claims we won’t see Dehya “before” update 3.4, and there is disagreement over her rarity.


  • Alhaitham: A scholar from the Academy. He comes from the Haravatat in the Akademiya, which functions as a premier university and governing body. He was officially revealed in the third Sumeru preview video as being involved in the initial 3.0 storyline.


  • Cyno: Cyno was first revealed in the Teyvat chapter storyline preview video – we know he’s a Polearm wielder from Sumeru, and rumors suggest he will be an Electro character and five-star. According to leaks, his banner is not expected to drop until patch 3.1, although he was officially announced as a playable character via the Genshin Impact Twitter account in August 2022.


  • Baizhu: Genshin Impact NPC, and is the owner of Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue. He possesses a Dendro vision, which has led fans to believe that he may one day be a playable character.


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