Genshin Impact Leaks: Al Haitham Release Date, Abilities, Lore

Al Haitham is a Dendro character likely to appear in Genshin Impact’s later updates on Sumeru. He is from the Haravatat of the Sumeru Akademiya. He is seen wielding a sword. Here’s everything you need to know about his release date, abilities, and lore.

Hoyoverse released the new 3.0 patch for Genshin Impact last week. The update brought a wide array of additions, like a new region to explore and a new main storyline. However, fans have picked up on the slightly new character design for some of the new characters, most prominently, Alhaitham.

Release Date

According to the leak, Alhaitham and Baizhu will not arrive before Genshin Impact 3.6 which, going by HoYoverse’s usual update schedule, should arrive around April 2023. This caught many players by surprise considering that Alhaitham is part of the ongoing Sumeru quest lines where he serves as a member of the Haravatat of the Sumeru Academya.


Al Haitham is a Dendro character which means he’d join the likes of Collei and Tighnari. His vision can be seen on his left shoulder, with a barely visible Dendro symbol on the side, as seen on the recent Sumeru Preview Teaser.


Alhaitham uses a sword while fighting with Cyno in the new Sumeru Promotional Video released by Genshin Impact on August 11, 2022. So it’s highly likely that he’s a sword user.


According to one Genshin Impact leaker, Al Haitham is incredibly important to the Sumeru region and will appear in a teaser in 2.8. He also believes that “gods and humans should have an equal status in Teyvat, and they should be helping each other.” In the most recent Sumeru teaser from HoYoVerse, Prelude to Wisdom, it’s confirmed that the Al Haitham is “the person you meet by chance in Port Ormos” and that he “is from the Haravatat in Akademiya.”

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