Video Game Fables – Review

Final Verdict: 8/10

Video Game Fables is a humorous, cheerful RPG featuring quick, distinctive, difficult turn-based combat set in an imaginative, vibrant, and long-abandoned gaming world.

Video Game Fable - Boss

The Fable

Aru, is a princess who is meant to be caught by a Gator King and imprisoned in a castle. The King assigns a Hero the job of saving Aru from the clutches of evil. But Aru realises the scenario is absurd and flees on her own before the Hero even embarks on their mission. Aru returns to her kingdom with the assistance of a chance encounter with a peasant named Nate.

The Hero, who was truly looking forward to the trip, is outraged by this. The predetermined plot being rendered impossible, the Hero teams up with a Witch to attack the King’s palace. Before taking off with the witch, he kidnaps the King and the Gator King. To try to correct the problem, Aru will need to enlist Nate and Tator, the son of the Gator King.

Video Game Fable - Overworld

During your quest, Aru may occasionally stop and chat with Nate and Tator about their exploits, making jokes about how ridiculous or pointless they may be. Nate is an authority in heroic knowledge, whereas Tator only wants things to return to normal.

Break The Walls Down

Aru is aware that the majority of their objectives are ludicrous, the dungeons are unusual, and the NPCs behave strangely.With great comic effect may be achieved by having the characters dig their heels in or fail to recognise the ridiculousness. This lighthearted comedy and the ongoing reminder of the rescue effort are balanced by the writing. As a consequence, you get a deconstructive narrative that is consistently funny and makes you eager to see what happens next.

While Video Game Fables’ primary appeal is its dissection of the RPG subgenre, the gameplay stays simple. You will travel throughout an open environment, slay creatures, and visit various locations. To advance in these regions, you must explore dungeons and kill bosses. You will encounter obstacles and need to work around them, much like in any RPG. Upgrades to equipment and spells make future battles simpler.

The game performs an excellent job with its 3D pixel visuals. The settings are intended to make you think of classic dungeons. Characters’ facial emotions are less expressive than their spoken words. While never appearing out of place for an RPG, structures and other ambient elements stand out enough to be seen. The soundtrack is similarly straightforward and relaxing. Boss fights and dungeon crawls will have strong music, while exploration is often calming. You get the impression that you are on a straightforward expedition where having fun is the main focus.

Final Verdict

Video Game Fable - Dungeon

Video Game Fables is a quirky, fun JPRG that deconstructs the typical JRPG experience for a wacky adventure. Playing as a character who is the only “straight man” in an absurd world has its benefits. There’s something that feels really fresh about this game and thanks to the simple gameplay elements, it ends up being a very solid experience from start to finish.

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