The Millennial Mountains Quest: Genshin Impact

The Millennial Mountains is a quest in Genshin Impact. Read our guide to learn how to begin this quest, how to unlock six lost offering locations & rewards for through this quest.

How To Unlock The Millennial Mountains Quest?

Step 1: Talk to Wang

Talk to Wang, an NPC close to the Chasm’s Maw, to unlock the quest. He would ask you to collect Six Lost Offerings that are located all over The Chasm. Talking to him would also give you hints as to where the offerings are.

Step 2: Look For Offerings To Place Before The Memorial

All Lost Offerings Locations

1. Flower of Farsight

Climb the mountains behind the Statue of The Seven using the chasm rocks to boost your jumps. Investigate the rock and you will find Tang Wuchou. Collecting the Flower of Farsight will automatically start the world quest A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past.

2. Skyfeather

Found at the cliff of Glaze Peak. Teleport to Tiangong Gorge and go over to Glaze Peak.

3. Sundial Of Ages

Found by heading northwest of The Surface’s teleport waypoint. Investigate the bowl and you will get the item.

4. Cup Of Commons

Open the Precious Chest from the World Quest Undetected Infiltration.

5. Helm Of Warding

Located in The Chasm’s Maw. Follow a nearby Seelie into the wooden house and down the hole, then enter the next room over. Burn the hay using Pyro or the nearby Exploding Barrels to reveal two investigation points, one of which yields the Helm of Warding.

6. Warrior’s Spear

Head to The Chasm’s Maw waypoint and go to the mountain southeast from it. Climb to the top and the spear will be there along with two Sweet Flowers.

Step 3: Complete Undetected Infiltration To Get Cup Of Commons

In order for the chest where the Cup of Commons is to appear, you will first need to complete the Undetected Infiltration quest. The chest will then appear in the middle of the camp for you to open!

The Millennial Mountains – Rewards

Rewards List

  • Adventure EXP x 350
  • Primogems x 40
  • Hero’s Wit x 3
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x 6
  • Mora x 30,000

Unlocks A Luxurious Chest
During the quest, you will be encountering a Luxurious Treasure Chest.

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