Genshin Impact Elements

The seven elements of Genshin Impact are special Status Effects and types of Damage that can be applied in specific orders to trigger Elemental Reactions.

The Seven Elements

Each of the elements in Genshin Impact corresponds to one of the seven gods of the world of Teyvat. Currently, the available regions are Mondstadt (Anemo), Liyue (Geo), Inazuma (Electro), and Sumeru (Dendro), but the three remaining nations of Teyvat are planned to be added in future updates. Here are all the elements in Genshin Impact and their corresponding nations.

  • Anemo (Wind/Air) – Mondstadt
  • Geo (Rock/Stone/Earth) – Liyue
  • Electro (Lightning/Electricity) – Inazuma
  • Dendro (Grass/Wood/Plants) – Sumeru
  • Hydro (Water) – Fontaine
  • Pyro (Fire) – Natlan
  • Cryo (Ice) – Snezhnaya

Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions

When two elements combine while attacking an enemy, an Elemental Reaction takes place. Elemental Reactions and their effects are listed below.

1. Reaction name: Bloom

Formed by: Dendro + Hydro

Effect(s): Drop explosive seeds that will either explode for Dendro DMG after 6 seconds or react again with another applied element for a Compound Reaction (see below)


2. Elemental Reactions: Burning

Formed by: Dendro + Pyro

Effect(s): Deals Pyro DMG over time

3. Elemental Reactions: Catalyze / Quicken

Formed by: Dendro + Electro

Effect(s): Provides a buff that allows the player to trigger Aggravate or Spread for the next 8 seconds (see below)


4. Elemental Reactions: Crystallize

Formed by: Geo + Cryo/Electro/Hydro/Pyro

Effect(s): Drops a crystal of the non-Geo element, which acts as an elemental shield


5. Elemental Reactions: Electro-Charged

Formed by: Electro + Hydro

Effect(s): Deals Electro DMG over time


6. Elemental Reactions: Frozen

Formed by: Hydro + Cryo

Effect(s): Freezes the target (they can’t move)


7. Elemental Reactions: Melt

Formed by: Cryo + Pyro

Effect(s): Afflicted enemies take extra damage: double if Pyro triggers Melt, and 1.5x if Cryo does


8. Elemental Reactions: Overloaded

Formed by: Electro + Pyro

Effect(s): Deals AoE Pyro DMG


9. Elemental Reactions: Superconduct

Formed by: Electro + Cryo

Effect(s): Deals AoE Cryo DMG and reduces DEF


10. Elemental Reactions: Swirl

Formed by: Anemo + Cryo/Pyro/Electro/Hydro

Effect(s): Deals extra damage to the non-Anemo element over a wider area


11. Elemental Reactions: Vaporize

Formed by: Hydro + Pyro

Effect(s): Afflicted enemies take extra damage: double if Hydro triggers Vaporize, and 1.5x if Pyro does.


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