Amnesia: Later X Crowd – Review

Our Score: 8/10

Amnesia Later x Crowd is a two-in-one otome called combines the games Amnesia Later and Amnesia Crowd. Both games were previously published separately on the PSP. However they have now been combined into a single bundle for the Nintendo Switch.

Amnesia: Later

Starting with Amnesia: Later, a continuation of the genuine conclusion of Amnesia Memories that takes place in a new world known as the New World. You are once more associated with a nameless heroine who tragically lost her memory following a collision with a ghost by the name of Orion one devoted August.

Later will joyfully reintroduce you to each of the characters and love interests one at a time. So there is no necessary requirement that you play the precursor to understand this whole new parallel scenario. But if you played Memories, you could find it a little more fun. There are no unhappy endings in Later, which is unusual. Each option has a normal end, which essentially signifies that your romantic connection hasn’t progressed. Alternatively, there are good endings in which you consent to the male protagonist’s love and wind up dating him.

Amnesia Later x Crowd - Cast

There is no flowchart, just like its predecessor. However since there are no bad endings, this isn’t as severe of a drawback. But suppose none of the five potential partners can make you swoon. In addition to the main mode, Amnesia: Later also includes the Girl’s Party and Waka’s World storylines. The three girls the protagonist has interacted with are the main subject of the former. With the love interests taking a backseat this time. In the latter, you’ll get to experience all four sides of the Meido no Hitsuji management and the tale takes place exactly one month before the protagonist develops amnesia. It’s interesting how many interesting and varied stories are included in these styles.

Amnesia: Crowd

Let’s go on to Amnesia: Crowd, the fandisc for Later, which is the second game in the bundle. As to be predicted, this book presents several “what-if” scenarios to the Later events. A number of minigames and an intriguing point-and-click adventure are also available to play. Orion Points, a form of cash you may also acquire, can be spent to acquire a randomly selected new event that you can later see from the event menu. You may test your knowledge about the Amnesia IP by taking a quiz.

Crowd has two possibilities for storylines: suspense and love. In the first, a point-and-click adventure, you have to save the main character and his or her love interest from a dangerous circumstance. Then, for the former, you will pick one of the five love interests and go on a lovely interactive date where, if you are successful in fulfilling certain requirements, you will receive a unique drawing.

In summary, this fandisc is better suited for use after you’ve pulled all of the content from Later, as the majority of it is at best secondary content.

Final Verdict

Amnesia Later x Crowd - Bench

Amnesia Later x Crowd is a great bundle for fans of the Amnesia series who get the two games on a more modern platform to enjoy.

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