Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms – Review

Our Score 7/10

Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms, an action role-playing game set in a colourful fantasy setting, combines fast-paced action with a rich story and elevates the standard for ARPG dynamics with skill-based gameplay that draws inspiration from great classics and contemporary masterpieces.

A Whole New Alaloth World

Alaloth is a deity who entered Planem, the realm of humans, by assassinating other gods. Your duty as a champion is to eliminate Alaloth. However, depending on your game option, four other champions are also given the same assignment, so you must act quickly.

The mythology is revealed via books, and the plot is told through conversations with NPCs. Although the plot seems to be of epic proportions, you don’t always feel like the center of the world. As you should in a game with the word “champions” in the title.

Alaloth - Waterfall

The lore varies in complexity, richness, and participation level. One feature of the speech that is utilised to convey the mythology is that it is frequently written in quite contemporary English. The use of expressions like “pain in the ass” pulls you out of the present and reminds you that you are a mundane human playing a game in 2022 rather than a wizard elf from long ago.

Having said that, conversations between dwarves and other races about how their family’s crest went astray. And how their family ascended to prominence before falling may frequently be very interesting.

Many precious small things like an elf dozing off at night on a city bench while muttering, “makes me remember of a better time before Alaloth,” might be easily missed. This current relevance drives home the harm that COVID has caused and the ways in which the world has altered. It’s hard to tell if this is on purpose or just my interpretation. However, the degree of detail is astounding.

Fight For Your Realm

Combat is thrilling and extremely difficult. You never know if you’ll survive combat, whether it’s against a modest goblin pack for the first time or a massive cave troll. Survival tools become strategy, understanding of the opposition, and terrain expertise.

The balance of the combat means that you and a friend might be defeated by even a tiny horde of goblins. You need to make the most of your powers while keeping an eye on your health and the state of your equipment.

The game’s most well-developed features are the fighting and the completely realised setting. While the plot falls short of potential in terms of intrigue. It’s frustrating to see character development lacking in an RPG. On full release, some elements could be improved nevertheless.

The Magical Look of Alaloth

Alaloth - Inside

Alaloth is an excellent example of doing a lot graphically with a constrained graphics engine. The enormous sculptures of faces etched into the rock and the isometric perspective of spires piercing the heavens are magnificent. And the colours are always so vibrant and eye-catching. They make everything around them appear dazzling and full of enchantment and mystery.

The animations have received a lot of consideration. The smooth and organic movement and fighting animations increase the sense of immersion. The perspective has a few small drawbacks because it might be difficult to see your character or where you should move next. However, this is only a small issue.

Final Verdict

Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms is perfect for those who enjoy old school CPRGs thanks to the world, the combat and the gameplay loop. However the game does lack some depth which might show up towards the end of the game but if you’re a fan of this genre, you should be playing it.

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