Genshin Impact Kusanali Leaks

Lesser Lord Kusanali, also known as Nahida, is the current Dendro Archon among The Seven and presides over Sumeru. She is the youngest and likely the newest among The Seven, having risen to this position following the death of the God of the Woods, Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, during the cataclysm five hundred years ago.

Kusanali admitted to Traveler that using the Akasha as the medium, she can occupy other’s consciousness as long as they are wearing their Akasha Terminal. She also revealed that she is the First Akasha Terminal therefore her consciousness is linked to the Akasha.

Kusanali Banner Release Date

As Hoyoverse has revealed on Twitter, we can assume that Nahida will follow in the footsteps of every other character announced this way, and will be released as a playable character in the next update. The Lesser Lord Kusanali will join Layla, so far the only other character announced for Genshin Impact 3.2

Genshin Impact Kusanali Abilities

Much is not known about Nahida’s abilities so far, but we can already start to speculate thanks to Genshin Impact leakers. According to some findings from renowned Genshin leaker Ubatcha on Twitter, Nahida will be a Catalyst user whose Elemental Skill will utilize a camera-like viewfinder to deal damage and mark an enemy.

This Reddit post says, a Hydro user within the area buffs Nahida’s burst duration, a Pyro user increases skill damage, and an Electro user increases skill trigger frequency. This leak also suggests that Nahida’s weapon will boast 542 attacks and 265 elemental mastery at level one.

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