How to collect all shop components: Mondstadt festival event guide

Genshin Impact fans can now participate in the fourth activity of “Of Ballads and Brew” event. It has a treasure hunt where players will have to find Fecund Hampers spread all across Mondstadt using provided clues. Collecting these hampers will reward them with Primogems, Mora, Furnishing Blueprints, and more. This activity will last until October 17, 2022. Find out how to collect all shop components in this guide!

Genshin Impact 3.1: How to collect all shop components

In the Fecund Blessings option, players can find the following challenges:

  • When the Music Sounds
  • The Feast in Full Swing
  • The Afterparty

On the Fecund Blessing event page, players can find another option called Shop Colors. The picture above shows the Shop Colors event page and one can find all the obtainable rewards by completing certain event-related tasks.

To view this page, players will have to complete an event quest named “Good as New”. It will introduce a shop that one can decorate using special rewards from Fecund Hampers. The options for shop customization are:

  • Shop Frames
  • Shop Ornaments
  • Landscape Accessories
  • Storefront Furnishings

During Shop Colors, setting up the shop components will unlock new rewards. They can also set up shop in their Serenitea Pot.  The rewards are 60 Primogems, 50 Festive Fever, and 3 Philosophies of Freedom. They will receive more accessories and decorative items in future challenges such as “The Feast in Full Swing and the Afterparty.”

“The Feast in Full Swing” will be active from October 3 and the Afterparty challenge will be available from October 5, 2022. To collect all the shop components and obtain the rest of the Primogems, players will have to complete all three challenges in Fecund Blessing. Successful completion will present a reward of around 180 Primogems from the event page.

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