Genshin Impact guide: Lotus Eater quest

The Lotus Eater quest is a hidden Enkanomiya World Quest in Genshin Impact unlocked on the Serpent’s Heart.

How to Unlock The Lotus Eater quest

  • Complete ”The Entrance to Tokoyo”
  • Play through ”The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent”
  • Activate the Hidden Message

You can unlock this quest after completing ”Entrance to Tokoyo” and doing the Heart of Ouroboros subquest in ”The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent.”

Lotus Eater Start Location

Activate the Hidden Message in The Serpent’s Heart

Step 1
Make sure Enkanomiya is in the Evernight State. If the Whitenight/Evernight Mechanism is glowing blue, that means you’re already in it. If it’s glowing yellow, you have to activate it first.

Step 2
There is a cave under the Serpent’s Heart that can be accessed from the side of the cliff by the Teleport Waypoint.

Step 3
Find the stack of boxes in front of a Time Trial Challenge and a Fishing Spot. This area may have a Ruin Sentinel guarding it so be careful!

Step 4
Interact with the wall to make the Hidden Message appear. This will show a pattern similar to the altar aboveground.

Step 5
Follow the pattern the same way as in the puzzle in the Heart of Ouroboros quest, and go through the Phase Walls in the order shown from 1 to 5 to unlock the quest.

How to Wait for the Dragonbone Flower to Condense

Come back the next day. You will have to wait until server reset since this is a time-locked part of the quest. Once the server reset is finished, you can continue and complete all objectives!

Ways to Use the Dragonbone Orb

Once you get the Dragonbone Orb, you can sell it to Xigu Antiques in Liyue, With Wind Comes Glory in Mondstadt, or Netsuke no Gen Crafts in Inazuma. Each shop will give you 80,000 Mora for it, but they’ll also give you a specialty dish based on the region, depending on which one you sell it to.

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