Ritou Escape Plan: Genshin Impact

Ritou Escape Plan is the third part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quest Chapter II: Act I – The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.

Ritou Escape Plan: Steps

Try to leave Ritou

The quest starts off with you needing to leave Ritou, but because you’re an Outlander, it won’t be easy. Head east from the teleport waypoint, and approach Kobayashi. He’ll order you to stop and present your Travel Permits, which you don’t have. You’ll suggest to Paimon that the Kanjou Commission may be able to help you.

Go to the Kanjou Commissioner’s Office to ask about a way to leave Ritou

The Kanjou Commission can be found just around the corner, to the north. Head there, and as you approach the entrance, you’ll be stopped by a rude guard. Thankfully, Hiiragi Shinsuke, the Commissioner of the Kanjou Commission, overhears the commotion and invites you in.

Talk to Shinsuke of the Kanjou Commission

Go up the stairs and talk to Hiiragi for a scene. After the pleasantries are out the way, he’ll ask if you can help him with some errands, but you can tell straight away that he’s trying to keep you in Ritou for as long as possible with the tasks he’s asking you to do. Whilst you’re talking to him, you’ll notice a lady hiding behind a wooden pillar behind Hiiragi, you make brief eye contact before continuing your conversation. You’ll tell Hiiragi that you’ll consider his proposal, then you’ll leave.

Leave the Kanjou Commissioner’s Office & obtain Lightly-Perfumed Letter

Leave the way you came in, and as you reach the bottom of the stairs, you’ll get a letter from a guard, saying it’s from Miss Hiiragi. The letter reads…“Dear Traveler,
Would that I could convey this message to you in person. I apologize for the hasty means by which this letter has come to you, and I hope that it hasn’t left you feeling perplexed or perturbed in any way. This is my first time extending an invitation to an unknown outlander, after all. It is no mere coincidence that our paths have crossed. Therefore, I hope that you would be so courteous as to meet me tonight, under the glow of resplendent moonlight. Please do not fret about retainers and bodyguards, I will ensure that their attention shall be elsewhere. I look forward to the pleasure of your company.“

Meet Hiiragi Chisato

Once the scene ends, head north over the walls, and go to the end of the pergola for a scene. She’ll introduce herself as Hiiragi Chisato, and tell you that she’s impressed with your feats abroad, then she’ll tell you the reason for this secret meeting. She wants you to deliver a secret letter to her lover Kujou Kamaji on Narukami Island. Likewise, she’ll explain the reasons why she can’t deliver it in person, and if you agree, she’ll help you leave Ritou. Finally, she’ll tell you the plan, and meet you at the border.

Go to Ritou’s borders to carry out Chisato’s plan

Leave the Kanjou Commission headquarters, and follow the stairs to the bottom. As you approach Kobayashi, you’ll get a scene. Hiiragi Chisato is using her power to manipulate the guards with a few threats in letting her hire you as bodyguards for the goods being transported to Narukami Island. Although the guards are hesitant, they won’t challenge her orders, and they will reluctantly agree to her wishes.

Escort the goods and leave Ritou

When the scene ends, you’ll immediately be thrown into a challenge. This challenge is the same as every other Transport Balloon challenge you’ll see in the daily commissions.

The next barricade is a little tougher, you’ll face off against a few Hilichurl, and a few Treasure Hoarders, but the toughest one there is the Fiery Might: Kairagi.

You’ll get a scene, and Hiiragi Chisato will tell you that Kamaji will give you Travel Permits when you arrive. When the scene ends, so will the quest.


Completing this quest will grant the Wonders of the World achievement “Hiiragi Sanjuuro.”

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