The Last Oricru – Review

Our Score: 8/10

The Last Oricru is an action role-playing game that places a big focus on narrative and player decisions. A sci-fi mediaeval planet on the verge of war greets the player when they awaken, and they immediately begin affecting global events.

Save the World

The Last Oricru is a narrative-driven action role-playing game that places you in the heart of an ongoing struggle between two species on a planet that has partially undergone terraforming and is shielded from space by a protective barrier. Because you have a lot of control over the conflict and its resolution, your choices will introduce intriguing new elements into the action. In a harsh, sci-fi-meets-medieval world where every choice has an effect, you will take part in hundreds of furious battles. Before engaging in one of the many boss fights, level up your hero, sharpen your talents, and be ready for an incredible range of choices.

The Last Oricru is mostly a tale of conflict and trickery. The Ratkin and Naboru factions are engaged in an erratic civil war in Wardenia. Silver, a person trapped in the midst of this riveting fight, is the character that players control. He wears a belt that he uses for his many resurrections. Silver is confined to Wardenia by the belt, where he must carefully manoeuvre between the opposing groups.

Pick Your Side

Throughout your stay on the miserable planet, Aida, the AI on board your ship, stays in touch with you and the other human survivors. In order to permanently leave Wardenia, Aida assigns you the responsibility of locating a gadget known as the Cradle.

The Last Oricru - Co-op

The game immediately brings you up to speed on the current fight. But as you move on, the deceit and plot become more clear, like the layers of an onion slowly being peeled. The plot of the game, in my opinion, was interesting and well-paced. No part of the programme ever dragged on longer than necessary. Even though I had no preference for one side over the other, I was interested by the idea that you might really change the direction of the story.

Fighting the Good Fight

Combat in The Last Oricru is similar to that in Souls. There are both the normal mild and heavy assaults. They are naturally determined by a stamina bar, which is fairly generous and depletes slowly. Additionally, if the proper equipment is worn, players can unleash talents and magic.

Despite being billed as difficult, I thought the bouts were mostly fair. During my game, I found that trying to deal out repeated hits and being overly greedy were the main causes of the battle encounters that were annoying. or when fighting several foes at once.

The Last Oricru - Combat

But when it comes to the animation department, one should temper expectations. Although The Last Oricru’s battle animations are more than adequate, don’t anticipate being able to unleash an abundance of complicated move sets on your adversaries. In that aspect, the game has a more limited offering. But once more, it might not be within the scope of the game, and what it provides is more than enough.

The Best of Both Worlds

The Last Oricru, created using Unreal Engine, has generally respectable visuals. Although some of the other characters’ facial expressions are not given the same care and consideration as Silver’s, they generally fulfil their roles satisfactorily.

Even though it’s not strictly a problem unique to The Last Oricru, hair generally looks unattractive. Especially facial hair, which makes a character’s face appear painted. But once more, this is a widespread problem in the sector. On a related point, the Ratkins, a race of people, have highly polygonal-looking character designs. Graphically, it appears to be from the PS3/Xbox 360 period.

The Last Oricru - Indoor

Despite these minor flaws, the game overall looks well, especially considering that it is the first release from a modest firm. Using Unreal Engine to advance the game’s visuals seems to have been a wise choice.

The sci-fi/fantasy scenario first concerned me since it may be distracting and lead to a graphical identity issue. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Without any noticeable odd moments, The Last Oricru successfully merged both creative forms. Bravo to the designers and other creators who contributed to the creation of such a distinctive environment.

Final Verdict

The Last Oricru is an interesting Souls-like game that throws you into an interesting world where your choices matter. While it might not have AAA polish, it’s still a fantastic title overall that fans of the genre will enjoy.

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