Padisarah Locations Genshin Impact

Padisarah is one of the most valuable plants in the Genshin Impact universe. The flowers Genshin Impact players see in the present-day are actually a replica of the original flora, as the real ones extinct with the death of the Goddess of Flower.

Characters like Nilou in Genshin Impact can use Padisarah as their Ascension materials, making it an important item in Genshin Impact gameplay. Read on to know the Paradisarah locations below.

Where to Find Padisarah in Genshin

Padisarah can only be found in Sumeru City, Pardis Dhyai, Vanarana, and the Palace of Alcazarzaray. Most of these flowers are easily obtained by farming in Sumeru settlements, but you’ll have to change states if you want to farm in Vanarana.

You can only get Padisarahs in Vanarana while in the area’s normal, non-purplish state. If you’ve progressed Aranyaka and you can only find Viparyas, you can switch states by playing the Vintage Lyre in front of the green stone in Vanarana to make them reappear.

Padisarah Locations

Real Vanarana

The best location for Padisarah in Genshin Impact would be in Real Vanarana. Remember to switch the state as Dream Vanarana will host Viparyas instead of Padisarah. A whopping 31 Padisarah can be found in the area.

Among them, three are hidden behind a Dendro Rock. Use the Vintage Lyre on the nearby Dendrograna Branch and summon the Grana to remove this rock. There will be a Fungus monster waiting once the barrier disappears.

Afterward, climb up the tree to find three more Padisarah for a total of six flowers in this small area.

Sumeru City

There are 11 Padisarah spread throughout Sumeru City in Genshin Impact. They’re all on the surface level, so players should be able to find them easily.

Pardis Dhyai, The Palace Of Alcazarzaray, Vissudha Field

12 Padisarah can be collected from Pardis Dhyai, where four of them are located inside the greenhouse. Meanwhile, in Genshin Impact Dori’s property, the Palace of Alcazarzaray, 11 Padisarah grows around the area. These places are not as big as Sumeru city, so it should be noticeably easier to collect all the Padisarah available in those areas.

Finally, three Padisarah can be found in the wild, south of Fane of Ashvattha. Be careful in this area as players will encounter some enemies.

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