Who was Guizhong in Genshin Impact?

Guizhong was the Lord of Dust in Genshin Impact. She is best known as one of the gods who presided over the Guili Assembly, which she established alongside Morax and Marchosius, and for her mechanisms such as the Guizhong Ballista.

She perished in a battle during the Archon War, while a massive flood forced the Guili Assembly’s inhabitants to move south to Liyue Harbor. Since her death, Guizhong’s legacy has been preserved in historical texts.

Guizhong Lore in Genshin Impact

Guizhong was born before the Archon War and she created her own country of people. Later on, she met Morax (Zhongli) in the middle of a field of Glaze Lilies. Guizhong gifted Morax a stone dumbbell, which is now the Memory of Dust, and the two became friends. The two, along with the adepti, created the Guizhong Ballista at Tianheng Pass to protect the land. The Guizhong Ballista works automatically, attacking any nearby threat.

With great knowledge, Guizhong taught her people agriculture and helped them prosper. She called the place “the Plains of the Returning and Departing”, or Guili Plains, which derived from her name and Morax’s former name.

The Guili Assembly was ruled by Guizhong and Morax along with Marchosius, God of the Stove. The Cloud Retainer, Guizhong, and Morax often ate together at Retainer’s abode at Mt. Aocang.

Guizhong made the 4 commandments for her people to follow:

“To unite in ambition is to be steadfast and immovable for all time.”

“Wisdom is like water, it nourishes all those who receive it and in it is a reflection of the truth.”

‘”Fortify the bones, that movement be supple when the time comes.”

“Virtue grows tall like a tree, though there be shade it will flourish forever.”

During the Archon War 3700 years ago, Guizhong died while protecting her lands, during which “black dust choked the heavens and a thousand rocks splintered.” As she was dying in the middle of a Glaze Lilies field, she told Morax to forget about the dumbbell she gave him and feel sorry for the end of their journey.

A flood then swept through Dihua Marsh and Guili Plains. It destroyed everything about the Guili Assembly and left only ruins. The Marchosius and the adepti helped the people to escape to a place that is the Liyue Harbor now.

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