Who is Signora in Genshin Impact?

Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter, also known as La Signora was the Eighth of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. She was a supporting antagonist in the early chapters of the Archon Quests.

She is the first Harbinger to appear in the game when she ambushes and overpowers Venti to steal his Gnosis. Her attack leaves a lasting impression on the Traveler, who greatly distrusts the Fatui and their intentions after witnessing the said event.

The True Identity of Signora

Five hundred years ago, before she became a Harbinger, Rosalyne was an ordinary young woman from Mondstadt. She studied at Sumeru Akademiya. When her lover Rostam died during the cataclysm, Rosalyne was consumed by anguish and hatred and used the art of liquid fire to transform her body into that of a living flame.


Signora is a tall woman with pale skin, platinum-blonde hair, and light grey eyes. Some of her hair is tied into two rose-shaped buns at the back of her head. She wears a black earring on her left ear and a black mask that covers her right eye. She is seen with what appears to be a Catalyst hovering behind her right shoulder.

Powers, Abilities, and Visions

Through the duel against Signora in the Archon Quest, we found out the true extent of her powers. We first fight her with her using her Cryo Delusion. As she struggled to fight against the Traveler, whose powers have been imbued by Celestia, she retreats into a frost cocoon. Upon resurfacing, she reveals her true form as the Crimson Witch of Flame. Her lore suggests that this might have been the first time that she used her Liquid Fire on a human. Still, the Traveler was able to best her in the duel, which led to her death in the hands of Raiden Shogun’s Musou no Hitotachi.

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