Summit Shaper Complete Guide – How to Get, Stats and Upgrades

Summit Shaper is an exclusive 5-Star Sword for Genshin Impact. Read on to find the complete guide of Summit Shaper with attack power, stats, how to get it, the best characters to use it, and all the needed ascension materials.

Summit Shaper

Base ATK: 46
Rarity: ★★★★★
Bonus Effect: ATK + 10.8%
Skill: Golden Majesty – Increases Shield Strength by 20%. Scoring hits on opponents increases ATK by 4% for 8s. Max 5 stacks. Can only occur once every 0.3s. While protected by a shield, ATK increase effect is increased by 100%.
Description: A symbol of a legendary pact, this sharp blade once cut off the peak of a mountain.

How to Get

2.8 Phase 2 Weapon Banner: Epitome Invocation

Banner Start: August 2, 2022
Banner End: August 23, 2022

Best Characters to Use With

  • Traveler (Geo)
  • Jean
  • Kaeya
  • Bennett
  • Qiqi
  • Keqing
  • Ayaka
  • Ayato

Ascension Materials

To prepare for its rerun, you’ll need to gather the following materials to Ascend Summit Shaper beyond Level 20.

Level 20

Luminous Sands From Guyun x 5
Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife x 5
Damaged Mask x 3

Level 40

Lustrous Stone From Guyun x 5
Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife x 18
Damaged Mask x 12

Level 50

Lustrous Stone From Guyun x 9
Agent’s Sacrificial Knife x 9
Stained Mask x 9

Level 60

Relic From Guyun x 5
Agent’s Sacrificial Knife x 18
Stained Mask x 14

Level 70

Relic From Guyun x 9
Inspector’s Sacrificial Knife x 14
Ominous Mask x 9

Level 80

Divine Body From Guyun x 6
Inspector’s Sacrificial Knife x 27
Ominous Mask x 18

Where to find Summit Shaper Ascension materials in Genshin Impact

Luminous Sands, Lustrous Stone, Relic, and Divine Body From Guyun are obtained by completing the Domain of Forgery: Thundercloud Alter every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Hunter’s, Agent’s and Inspector’s Sacrificial Knives are obtained by defeating Fatui Agents, which can be found all over Teyvat.

Damaged, Stained, and Ominous Masks can be obtained by defeating Hilichurls, Ranged Hilichurls, Samachurls, and Large Hilichurls, which can be found all over Teyvat.

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