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The Unknown God is the mysterious god responsible for separating the Traveler from their sibling. She appears in the opening cutscene in which the Traveler tells Paimon how they ended up stranded in Teyvat. She called herself the “sustainer of heavenly principles”.

Who are the Heavenly Principles?

The Heavenly Principles or the Unknown God is referred to by Nahida as the “First Descender”. So far, Descenders are beings who are not originally from Teyvat, and currently, the only named among them are the Heavenly Principles and the Traveler.

As to where these “Descenders” descended from, or what criteria being a Descender bound to, Nahida and those from the upper echelon of the Fatui Harbingers seem to know, but no one has divulged any information about them yet.


When the Traveler and their sibling attempted to leave Teyvat, the unknown god blocked their path. Calling herself the “sustainer of heavenly principles,” she denounced the “arrogation of mankind,” and engaged the twins in battle. She summons swarms of dark red cubes to attack them, and upon trapping them, engulfs the twins individually within her cubes.

Upon being completely engulfed by her powers, the Traveler fell into a deep sleep and experienced countless nightmares. Once they awoke five hundred years later, their powers had been sealed away and they found no trace of their sibling.

Unbeknownst to the Traveler, their sibling had also awoken from the Unknown God’s imprisonment at some point and eventually became the leader of the Abyss Order shortly before the Traveler’s arrival in Mondstadt.

Quests and Events

  • Archon Quests
  • Prologue
  • Prologue: Wanderer’s Trail
  • Wanderer’s Trail (cutscene)


The Unknown God was an arrogant supremacist who looked down on mortals due to them being what she perceived to be lesser beings. She presented herself as merciless and emotionless when dealing with mortals as if she were handling mere pests.

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