Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan Walkthrough

Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan is a World Quest in Sumeru. In order to start the quest, players must first complete Drusus’ Riddles. Afterward, wait for the daily reset and talk to Drusus to start the quest. See how to unlock the quest, walkthrough, and rewards here.

Release Date

Set up new Riddles with Drusus in the Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan quest, which was released in Version 3.0 on August 24, 2022

Start Location

To start the quest, talk to Drusus in Sumeru City, roughly northwest of the Sumeru City docks.

  • Set up the riddles with Drusus
  • Set up the treasure with Drusus

Solve Drusus’s Riddles

You have to solve riddles unlocked by investigating the Bulletin Board in Sumeru City to unlock the Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan quest. Afterwards, wait for server reset, then go to the docks and find Drusus on the land near the shore.

Summary of All Riddle Locations

  1. Floating box underneath the docks
  2. On the fountain near the stage of Sabzeruz Festival.
  3. Underneath the bridge in House of Daena
  4. On a pond underneath Sanctuary of Surasthana.
  5. Talk to Drusus outside of Sanctuary of Surasthana.

Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan Quest Walkthrough


  1. Head over to Sumeru City and talk to Drusus.
  2. Go to the small island by the large lily pads and a canoe.
  3. Head over to the next designated area on the land next to the waterfall.
  4. While talking to Drusus, always suggest the best answers such as the “greatest treasure.” Regardless of the choices you picked, the quest will complete after talking to him.

Total Quest Rewards

Adventurer’s Experience x4 Genshin

Mora 16000

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