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Varuna Gatha is a World Quest series in Sumeru. It can be unlocked after completing the Aranyaka: Part II – Dream Nursery quest The World of Aranara. Completing the Varuna Gatha World Quest series unlocks the Sprouting Seedlings World Quest, as well as the ability to change the weather in Apam Woods by playing Rhythm of the Source Water near Varuna Contraption.

How to Unlock Varuna Gatha

To unlock Varuna Gatha, you must complete Aranyaka’s The World of Aranara quest under Dream Nursery first. To start the quest, rescue Arapandu from Fungi down the Statue of the Seven in northern Apam Woods.

Release Date

The quest chain was released in Version 3.0 with the release of the long-awaited Sumeru region, which went live on August 24, 2022.

Varuna Gatha Objectives

Varuna Gatha

• Help the trapped Aranara.
• Go to the vantage spot with Arapandu.
• Defeat the Fungi in the trees (0/2).
• Head to the rest stop.
• Find the “branch” and “leaves” with Arapandu.
• Make the three “leaves” turn towards the “branch.”

Memory of Stone

• Head to Yasna Monument.
• Look for Aranakula nearby
• Sneak forward with Aranakula.
• Go up the hill that Aranakula mentioned.
• Clear the spores from the stone.
• Find the “branch” underground.
• Turn the three “leaves” towards the “branch.”
• Talk to Aranakula.

 Slumbering Roots

• Head to the Grove of Dreams.
• Lure the Aranara with the Vintage Lyre.
• Find the “branch” on top of the three.
• Play the Vintage Lyre on the Silapna rock.
• Turn the three “leaves” towards the “branch.”
• Return to Arakunti from the Silapna rock.
• Talk to Arakunti.

 Irate Iron Chunk

• Look for Arabalika in Ruins of Dahri.
• Defeat all three Ruin Guards.
• Activate the cube mechanism.
• Find the “branch” in the underground cave.
• Turn the three “leaves” towards the “branch”.
• Defeat the Ruin Graders.
• Talk to Arabalika.

A Prayer for Rain on the Fecund Land

• Go to Varunastra in Apam Woods.
• Drop down the new underground cave.
• Head to The Rain’s End.
• Clear the spores from the object.
• Try to defeat the Disturbed Fungus.
• Talk to the Aranara.

Giving Flowers (optional)

• Complete Dream Nursery’s Sprouting Seedlings quest.
• Collect all 12 Vasmrti from Nurseries in the Wild.
• Plant all Vasmrti in the Vanarana field.
• Wait the server reset.
• Talk to the Aranara.
• Return to reality with the Vintage Lyre on the Silapna rock.
• Head to the underground cave west of Vanarana.
• Remove The Withering.
• Look for the Claustroflora flower under a pile.
• Use the Vintage Lyre on the Claustroflora.
• Talk to the girl inside the new space.
• Head back to the Vanarana farmland.

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