Who is Faruzan in Genshin Impact?

Faruzan is an upcoming character from Sumeru in Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact’s official Twitter account dropped teasers of the Wanderer otherwise known as Scaramouche on October 31, 2022. The tweet revealed that Scaramouche has an Anemo vision and will most likely be released in Version 3.3.

Possible Release Date

With Faruzan already teased a few days before Version 3.2, it is highly likely that she will release in Version 3.3. Release Date: December 07. 2022.

Who is Faruzan?

She is a member of Sumeru Akademiya who disappeared at some point in the past after being exposed to remnants of the Scarlet King’s power, causing her to relive Sumeru’s past. Her current whereabouts are unknown, although Cyno found her but deemed her to be a non-threat and let her go.

Faruzan is mentioned in Khaldun and Yavanani’s daytime debate, where Khaldun uses Faruzan as proof for his claim that “you Haravatat would make mistakes” by viewing history solely through the perspective of linguistics; Yavanani retorts that Faruzan’s points are outdated and cannot be used as discussion points.

Faruzan Character Overview

Element Anemo

Weapon TBD
Gender Female
Region Sumeru

Faruzan Leaks

The upcoming character Faruzan is also an Anemo wielder who uses a Bow as her weapon. Her Elemental Skill amplifies her first charged shot, which can even be fired at the ground. As a result, it will create a small vortex to pull enemies in within a short radius.

Her Elemental Burst summons an entity that travels the battlefield in a triangular pattern, dealing Anemo damage at each point for a short duration of time. Enemies caught by this attack will have their Anemo RES reduced, subsequently buffing allies’ Anemo DMG.

Faruzan’s first passive, Impetuous Flow, reduces the Charged Attack time after casting the Elemental Skill, and allows her Charged Attack to apply the same buff to reduce enemies’ elemental RES. Her second passive is Lost Wisdom of the Seven Caverns, which increases a character’s Anemo DMG based on 57.4% of Faruzan’s ATK.

The buff will only scale if the character is affected by her Element Burst.

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