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Focalors, the God of Justice, is the current Hydro Archon among The Seven and presides over Fontaine. Little is currently known about her, besides the fact that she is not one of the original members of The Seven who emerged after the end of the Archon War.


At some point after The Seven were established as rulers of Teyvat, the previous Hydro Archon passed away and Focalors were instated in their place.

The previous Hydro Archon had the wish to connect with all the people of the world, so she sent the Lochfolk, including the strongest among them, Rhodeia of Loch, all over the world to act as the spies of Fontaine. After the passing of the previous Hydro Archon, the Lochfolk did not recognize the new Hydro Archon and cut off ties with Fontaine.

Her name first appeared during Chapter 3: Act 5 of Archon Quest by Nahida, the Dendro Archon. Fontaine operates on the judicial system, but Focalors does not preside over individual trials.

Focalors Lore Info

During the Wishful Drops event, Endora, the spring fairy of Springvale, told the traveler that the Lochfolk are spirits of the water devoted to the previous Hydro Archon. They were even made spies by the previous archon, to connect the world.

But when Focalors, the current Hydro Archon took over the archon title, many of the Lochfolk decided to sever their ties with Fontaine; and ultimately with Focalors.

Release Date

Fontaine may release once 4.0 is here, similar to how Inazuma and Sumeru released in 2.0 and 3.0 respectively. This means Focalors may be released somewhere within the 4. x updates.

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