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“No Fishing Ahead” is a Furnishing item that can be used in the Serenitea Pot. The blueprint for “No Fishing Ahead” is obtainable from a Remarkable Chest in Sumeru.

No Fishing Ahead Furnishing Stats

Adeptal Energy: 30

Trust Points: 30

Craftable: Yes

Details: This simple fence is crafted with Brightwood and vines, and has two triangular patterns on it. It is said that to maintain ecological balance, Forest Watchers once erected these fences around no-fishing zones. But only failing ecosystems require such protection, and those are rather rare in Sumeru nowadays. Therefore, these fences are treated as boundary markers most of the time.

How to Obtain: Obtained from a Remarkable Chest that spawns after popping a bubble in Apam Woods. The chest is not guaranteed to appear after popping the bubble.

How to Craft

First-Time Crafting Reward: Trust x60

Crafting Materials: Adhigama Wood ×4

Use the Furnishing Blueprint for No Fishing Ahead from your inventory, then talk to Tubby to begin crafting.

How to Use

Used to Decorate Housing Realms: No Fishing Ahead can be used to decorate in the Serenitea Pot Housing System feature. To place No Fishing Ahead in your Housing Realm, open the Furnishing Placement screen and click on the item. You’re free to move it around and rotate it as you please.

Furnishing Sets

There are 2 items that can be crafted using “No Fishing Ahead”:

Quiet Times by the Riverbank


  • Furnishing Set Flaming Catalyst Flaming Catalyst ×4
  • Fisherman’s Dealings Fisherman’s Dealings ×1
  • Fisherman’s Clemency Fisherman’s Clemency ×1
  • Fabric of the City of Wisdom Fabric of the City of Wisdom ×1
  • Fisherman’s Catch Fisherman’s Catch ×1
  • Fisherman’s Delicacy Fisherman’s Delicacy ×2
  • Deepwood Dweller’s Lonesome Deepwood Dweller’s Lonesome ×1
  • “No Fishing Ahead” “No Fishing Ahead” ×20
  • Fisherman’s Efforts Fisherman’s Efforts ×2
  • Dripping Verdant Light Dripping Verdant Light ×2

Deep in the Quiet Forest


  • Furnishing Set Dripping Verdant Light Dripping Verdant Light ×3
  • Verdant Meandering Wood Verdant Meandering Wood ×1
  • Deepwood Dweller’s Estimation Deepwood Dweller’s Estimation ×1
  • Deepwood Dweller’s Deliberation Deepwood Dweller’s Deliberation ×1
  • “No Fishing Ahead” “No Fishing Ahead” ×29
  • Sweetness in Storage Sweetness in Storage ×1
  • Fisherman’s Maintenance Fisherman’s Maintenance ×1
  • Flaming Catalyst Flaming Catalyst ×6

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