What’s the Akasha System in Genshin Impact?

The Akasha System was developed by Greater Lord Rukkhadevata by using her Gnosis and expanded on by Sumeru Akademiya after her death. It allows for the transfer and sharing of information via a device called the Akasha Terminal.

New Feature In Sumeru

The Akasha Terminal is a Sumeru invention worn by the people of Sumeru. It’s going to be added to the game at the same time as Sumeru itself. The Akasha Terminal will be added to Genshin Impact as part of the 3.0 Update. The Akasha terminal was also shown in the 3.0 Livestream.

How To Get

It was shown in the official 3.0 Update Trailer that the Traveler will get their own Akasha Termina. However, it is not known whether it is a Gadget or just usable as part of the story.

Uses & Effects of Akasha System

It was stated that the Akasha Terminal directly connects its user to the Akasha, the center of all knowledge in Sumeru.


The Akasha Terminal is a unique piece of Sumeru technology invented by Greater Lord Rukkhadevata and further developed by the Akademiya. It takes the shape of an earpiece. It is capable of granting the user any sort of knowledge they desire to know or have, as long as they have the required credentials. Although this device can be used anywhere within the borders of Sumeru, its potency is best achieved in larger settlements such as Port Ormos or Sumeru City. Each traveler who arrives in Sumeru City is provided with one, the Traveler and Paimon included. In order to activate the device, the user must hold it in their hand and say the phrase “May the Mighty God bless us with their voice of wisdom”. Upon uttering this phrase, the device will instantly activate and be available for use. Aside from travelers and outlanders, it is also utilized by the majority of the population of Sumeru.

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