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Memento Lens is a gadget obtained during the World Quest Sacrificial Offering. The Memento Lens can be used on Earth Kitsune Statues to reveal chests or investigation points, activate mechanisms, and reveal memories of bygone days. Statues that can be targeted have glowing Electro markings, will show up white when viewed with Elemental Sight, and will cause the Memento Lens to glow when approached.

Using it on Earth Kitsune Statues will typically display the following screen prompt:

Through the Memento Lens, you see something that wasn’t there…

How to find the Memento Lens

A Strange Story in Konda

The first mission in this quest begins with ‘A Strange Story in Konda’. Speak with the shrine maiden on the edge of Konda Village, located on Narukami Island. Once you’ve reached the village, start asking the locals for information about the barrier. After you have a chat with several villagers, the quest asks you to search the area for three clues.

The first clue is a purse near the dried up well, the second clue is next to a broken cart, and the third is right below a red challenge totem next to wooden planks and rope. Take all of these clues to the village chief – make sure you present the items in the order you found them in, otherwise the chief can ignore you.

After confronting the chief, head to his rooftop and pick up his diary. Find the area detailed in the notebook, there are numerous enemies in the area also searching for something. Take them out and dig in the area to find the Old Key. Run back to the dried up well and use the key to open it. Drop down into the well and break the rocks with a mysterious purple glow emitting from them.

Descend deeper into the cave until you find a shrine that needs purifying. Use a Ward Place to begin the cleansing process. This activates a simple light puzzle that requires you to switch on each shrine in the correct order. Once you’ve adjusted the order correctly, pray to the shrine to summon an Ochimusha. Defeat this enemy and speak to Kazari – she confirms you are capable of cleansing the area.

Go back to the abandoned shrine northeast of Konda Village and chat to the mysterious shadows. Speaking to these shadows sends them towards the nearby statues. If you’re having trouble finding the last mysterious shadow, be sure to check the rooftops. The mysterious shadows reveal several treasure chests, including one containing the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Summary. The final step is to head to the Grand Narukami Shrine and speak to Inagi Hotomi to unlock the Memento Lens. Once you unlock this quest item, you can look at all of the small fox statues to complete the rest of the quest.

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