Kukoos: Lost Pets – Review

Our Score: 8/10

The Kukoos in Kukoos: Lost Pets reside on an island where the titular Kukoo tree is located, on a world drenched in water. The Kukoos are responsible for tracking down their now-hostile pets and regaining control after an experiment to make them more submissive backfires.

Who Let The Pets Out

The opening cutscene takes place on “Pet Day,” a holiday celebrated by the island’s residents on which they honour their pets and perform contests. It’s a happy occasion until the collars on all the pets go rogue and convert them into evil, fleeing the party. Gramma, the de facto island leader, directs you to a “fwendly” portal that will take you to parallel dimensions containing the pets. Your mission is to travel to these parallel worlds, free the pets from their collars, and return them to their owners.

This game features a large number of worlds, each with a number of levels that share a common concept. Each universe also features a unique pet that assists you throughout the game and is based on the level’s theme. The first universe you visit, for instance, has the feel of a cave system due to the darkness that permeates it. Your helpful companion is a small flying ball that can illuminate dark areas so you can see where you’re going.

Interdimensional Pets

Rogue pets that are out for blood can be found on every level. Jumping on them or slamming against them can free them from the collar. Each level has a required minimum number of pets you must save before receiving a star. You can earn a full set of stars if you gather enough cash and friendly flora. Within each stage, you’ll find a secret garden full of friendly flora. A typical set has four of these, and you can use them to concoct fwendly potions that will open up further fwendly doors. Kukoos: Lost Pets features 3D platformer gameplay, in which you can run, leap, and dash to overcome various obstacles. Also, there are puzzles to solve and a boss to defeat at the end of each universe.

Kukoos: Lost Pets - Jungle

You’ll get a quick rundown on how to use the controls and a tutorial right at the start of the game, so getting started shouldn’t be too difficult. I really enjoyed the voice actors who portrayed the Kukoos in the cutscenes. The soundtrack was great, and the game itself never gets old because to its many different worlds and levels. Its visuals are quite good and have very coherent throughout the entire game and all the different levels. It’s bright and cute. The kukoos, which resemble small monkeys, are a perfect fit for the lighthearted and absurdist tone of the game.

Final Verdict

Kukoos: Lost Pets - Waterfall

Kukoos: Lost Pets is a fun 3D platformer with great variety in everything it does. With a very wholesome aesthetic, it’s a very feel-good game and great for players of all ages.

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