Who is Istaroth in Genshin Impact?

Istaroth is a god with control over time and wind. She is known by a plethora of titles. They are the God of Moments, the God of Time, Kairos, the Thousand Winds of Time (or simply the Thousand Winds), Tokoyo Ookami, and the Undying Wind.

She has been worshipped in Mondstadt and Enkanomiya both before and concurrently with the rise of The Seven. However, the worship of Istaroth or even the knowledge of her existence has been all but forgotten in Teyvat.

Istaroth’s role in different regions

      1. Mondstadt regions

Istaroth was originally reverting alongside Barbatos in the early days of Mondstadt (The current Anemo Archon). The Thousand Winds Temple is created as a symbol of dedication, even though it was never expressly stated.

     2. Genshin Impact Lore

Ironically, Istaroth faded into obscurity over time, and many in Mondstadt came to believe that Barbatos was the only deity worthy of devotion. Two key events may have resulted in the loss of Istaroth-related data.

The Lawrence Clan repressed knowledge of Mondstadt’s and destroyed historical archives and antiquities to mask their degeneracy during the Mondstad Aristocracy’s short period. Second, the Mondstadt Library, the largest library in northern Teyvat, was reduced to a sixth of its original size after the fall of the nobility and the Great Fire of Fall Equinox.

    3. Inazuma region

During Raiden Shogun’s second Story Quest, Imperatrix Umbrosa: Act 2, ‘E’ suspected Istaroth of helping Makoto in manipulating time to plant the Sacred Sakura. Because neither Ei nor Yae Miko thought Makoto could do it alone, this happened either with or without her awareness.

    4. Enkanomiya region

Istaroth is one of the several Enkanomiyan gods in charge of wind and time. Players that explore Enkanomiya and learn about the area’s story by conversing with the various ghosts or reading lore books will likely get a sense of their origin tale.

Will Genshin Impact’s Istaroth be a playable character?

She’s clearly an important figure in Teyvat’s history who has been referenced multiple times throughout the game but we don’t know her place in the main story at the moment and have yet to see her make an appearance.

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