How to unlock the Fragment of Childhood Dreams domain

The Fragment of Childhood Dreams is a domain located in the Vissudha Field in Sumeru. You will have to solve some puzzles on the way to unlock this domain. To complete the puzzle, you’ll need a Dendro user.

Fragment of Childhood Dreams Walkthrough

  • Head to the marked location on the image above.
  • Defeat the Ruin Sentinels and interact with the mechanism to lower the water level.
  • Proceed through the hallway beside the mechanism to enter a cavern.
  • Activate the Dendro pillar in the room on the left side of the cavern.
  • Travel to the broken pillar above you by using the Four-Leaf Sigil.
  • Glide across to the platform ahead of you and interact with the Four-Leaf Sigil in the hole in the wall.
  • Drop down into the room and activate the Dendro pillar.
  • Defeat the enemies outside and make your way toward the sealed rocks.

  • Hit the rock circled in the image above with a Dendro attack.
  • Collect the Dendrograna and unseal the rocks in the image above with charged attacks.
  • Activate the uncovered Dendro pillars and interact with the mechanism to lower the water level.
  • Glide down into the hole.
  • Defeat the two Ruin Sentinels and Ruin Drake and use the unsealed mechanism to open the gate.
  • Proceed through the opened passageway and defeat enemies along the way until you reach an open cavern.
  • Drop down onto the ledge with the Dendrograna and collect them.
  • Hit the target with a charged attack, which will cause another target to spawn.
  • Wait for the target to stop moving and hit the new target with another charged attack to unseal the domain.


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