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Azhdaha is an ancient Earth Dragon and the Overlord of the Geovishaps mentioned in Liyue legends.

Though he was once an ally of the Geo Archon Morax, erosion and conflict with humanity led him to be sealed away in the Chasm and under the Dragon-Queller in Nantianmen. Since then, he has sought to break free of his imprisonment, absorb the energy of all the ley lines of the world, and destroy everything.

Azhdaha Boss Info

Resin Cost: 30 / 60 Original Resin
Reset Time: Every Monday at 4 AM, Server Time
Location: Mt. Hulao, Liyue
Azhdaha Materials:

  • Dragon Lord’s Crown
  • Gilded Scale
  • Bloodjade Branch

Azhdaha Boss Location

Azhdaha’s Trounce Domain is found in Mt. Hulao, Liyue. You will  be able to access it after completing Zhongli’s Story Quest: Act II.

Best Party for Azhdaha

  • Noelle
  • Zhongli
  • Ganyu
  • Diona

The key to avoiding damage and defeating Azhdaha easily is the presence of good shields. Use characters that can generate shields and protect you while you attack Azhdaha.

How to Beat Azhdaha

Similar to the Primo Geovishap, Azhdaha can change into different elements. Azhdaha will use 2 elements when you fight him, so make sure you have a team that can counter each element.

Azhdaha’s elemental forms will be fixed until the next weekly server reset on Monday.

  • Door shows Azhdaha’s Elemental Forms

The Trounce Domain Door that leads to the Azhdaha Boss Fight shows colored signs that indicate which elements Azhdaha will be using in the boss fight.

  • Use characters with shields

Azhdaha’s attacks deal great damage when they hit, and can knock your party members out easily. To counter this make sure you have at least one character that can generate Shields.

  • Geo Structures are easily destroyed

Keep in mind that Geo structures are usually destroyed instantly, as Azhdaha’s movements and attacks are powerful enough to take them out with one hit.

  • Check the ground for incoming attacks

Most of Azhdaha’s attacks involve signs that can be seen on the ground. You can use those signs as signals to move away and avoid getting damaged.

  • Move away when Azhdaha absorbs energy

If you see a warning that Azhdaha is about to absorb energy, it means it will move on to its next phase.

It also means he will do multiple unblockable attacks around him. Stay far away from him when you see the warning, so the attacks won’t reach you.

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