In the Mountains Quest Walkthrough | Genshin Impact

In the Mountains is a World Quest in Dragonspine where you need to thaw all the shards out in Genshin Impact.

Unlocking the Frostbearing Tree: In the Mountains Quest

  1. After players follow the spot that Iris mentioned, they will find a block of ice that can’t be destroyed by fire. To thaw this ice shard, players have to find the new Genshin Impact Scarlet Quartz in the nearby areas.
  2. The Scarlet Quartz looks like a little red stone and can easily be destroyed by claymore.
  3. After picking up the Scarlet Quartz, a red aura can be seen around the character. It’s essential to keep in mind that Scarlet Quartz’s aura is one-time use. So if players hit an enemy while the aura is active, they will have to pick up the Scarlet Quartz again afterward.
  4. Now, gamers have to go back to the shard and attack it while the Scarlet Quartz aura is active. This will reduce the HP of the shard, and players need to find four Scarlet Quartz to thaw the shard.
  5. The second Quartz can be seen near the Frostarm Lawachurl.
  6. The third Quartz is behind the large blue crystals.
  7. And the fourth Quartz stands in between the two Cryo Samachurl.
  8. The Frostbearing Tree in Genshin Impact functions just like the Statue of the Seven, where players have to make offerings using Crimson Agates for various rewards.

In the Mountains quest in Genshin Impact: Shard Locations

Thawing the ice in Starglow Cavern

  1. Upon reaching the cave, Genshin Impact players will have to venture further east until they find an opening.
  2. After finding the same, players have to glide down and find the ice shard. This time, it will be blocked by a barrier. They can unlock it by finishing the challenge.
  3. Players will face three Cryo Abyss Mages in this timed challenge. So it’s highly recommended to stay away from the water to avoid getting frozen.
  4. If players find this challenge too tough, they can finish it in the Genshin Impact Co-Op mode.
  5. Finishing the challenge will remove the barrier around the ice shard. Players can see the first and second Quartz around the area of the challenge.
  6. For the third Quartz, they have to move behind the blue crystals and find it near the remains of some Ruin Guards.
  7. For the final Quartz, Genshin Impact players will have to go behind the blue crystals again and find some breakable rocks. After destroying the rock, they will discover the Quartz along with a Warming Seelie.

Thawing the ice in the Entombed City

  1. After reaching the site, players will have to start the mechanism with Warming Seelie on top of it.
  2. The Warming Seelie will move from one Cryo Monument to another, showing players the sequence in which the structure should get activated. Gamers can refer to the image below for the sequence.
  3. After activating the monument in the proper sequence, players will unlock a Precious Chest. If they do not wish to use their current Genshin Impact Cryo character, it is advised to change them before taking the chest. This is because gamers will face another hard fight against two Ruin Guards and one Ruin Grader.
  4. After defeating these enemies, the ice arena will break, and players can glide down to find the final ice shard. Three Quartz can easily be seen around the area, with the fourth one located inside a closed gate.
  5. To open this gate, players will have to lead two Genshin Impact Warming Seelies back to their Seelie Garden. One of the Seelie is hidden underneath a snow pile.

Thawing the ice in Skyfrost Nail

  1. After thawing the three ice shards, gamers have to go to the Skyfrost Nail.
  2. The first Quartz is located near the remains of a Ruin Guard. To find the second Quartz, players will have to head to the spot in the image below and defeat the Frostarm Lawachurl.
  3. After thawing the ice with the second Quartz, they must go back to the Lawachurl arena and climb the hill to the location in the image below. There, Genshin Impact gamers will find an Anemo Monument to activate.
  4. Activating this monument will create a wind current, which Genshin Impact gamers need to glide through the air ring to get across. Afterward, players will find the final Quartz.
  5. Players can glide down to the ice shard to destroy it, or, if the Quartz glitches and disappears before making it to the shard, they can use an archer to shoot it from above.
  6. Thawing all the ice will unlock the Genshin Impact Peak of Vindagnyr domain, along with some chests.

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