Amakumo Fruit Locations and Farming Route | Genshin Impact

Check out the Amakumo Fruit locations and farming routes in Inazuma and how to get, where to buy, respawn time, and how to use it in this farming guide.

Amakumo Fruit Information

Type: Inazuma Local Specialty
Description: The fruit of the Amakumo Grass grows on Seirai Island. You can hear it crackling with a tiny current if you hold it up to your ear.

Where to Find

Amakumo Fruits grow all over Seirai Island. These fruits always come in pairs and are seen sticking out of a forked plant in areas electrified by Balethunder.

Make Use of Character Farming Passive
Gorou’s Passive, Seeker of Shinies, displays the location of nearby resources unique to Inazuma on the mini-map.

Amakumo Fruit Locations: Seirai Island Farming Route

Start from the inner edge of Seirai Island’s Waypoint teleporter between Fort Hiraumi and Koseki Village, or collect all the Amakumo Fruits close to Teleport Waypoints on the northern parts of the island. You can collect the Amakumo Fruits from the outer edge of Amakumo Peak going inside the peak’s crater, then around the whole caldera in one go.

You should look out for small plants with pink stems and blue leaves. The Amakumo Fruit is often found close to the tall, bright pinky-purple plants scattered around this region, so they may not be easy to spot at first. You can check the interactive map here(opens in new tab) or the map above to get a better idea of where you can find them.

Look out for random thunder strikes while you’re out and about, too; it pays to complete the Seirai Stormchasers world quest as this makes getting around the island a lot less treacherous.

Where to Buy Amakumo Fruit

You cannot buy Amakumo Fruit as no shops sell them. Gathering around Seirai Island is currently the only way to get these fruits.

Amakumo Fruit Respawn Time

Amakumo Fruit resets exactly 48 hours after you collect them. Relog the game or teleport from the farthest waypoint and check the location once more to see it spawn.

How to Use Amakumo Fruit

Amakumo Fruits are used to ascend the following Inazuma characters to their next ascension level. Be sure to gather the required amount in advance so you can ascend them immediately when they hit their level cap.

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