Warlander – Review

Our Score: 7/10

Utilize the enormous capabilities of godlike Warriors, Clerics, and Mages in Warlander, a game that has a distinctive environment with a medieval feel, fantasy objects and skills, and even strong robots! Learn to command the battlefield and use devastating spells to destroy the enemy’s foundation!

Cutting to the Chase

Without a narrative, you play on the Blue Unicorns or Red Lions teams in a bum-rush to either destroy or safeguard a power core on gorgeous levels with a medieval fantasy theme. In order to defeat the other side and win the game, your team must take control points that are utilised for quick deployment following a death, block and defend barriers to stop their progress, and tactically flank squads to gain an edge.

You have the option to customise the appearance and equipment loadouts of five players in each squad (or “Deck”) by selecting from one of three classes: the competitive Fighter, the underpowered support Cleric, or the overpowered ranged attacker Mage.

The entire lobby votes on the type of map (Offensive, Balanced, or Defensive), after which several groups of five people on your team choose their roles. This means that whichever team unanimously chooses to defend their base, attack the opposition, or plays the “Special Ops,” which is essentially the infiltration squad, will win the match. Matches typically last 30 minutes.

Work as One

Warlander - Combat

The gameplay of Warlander relies heavily on teamwork, hence everything must be accomplished as a unit. The only tasks that can be completed alone are manning turrets, constructing siege weaponry, and repairing defences. Combat also depends on well-organized units cooperating to overwhelm the opposition and move the battle lines in the desired direction. You face the danger of being killed by a much stronger force or the aforementioned server slowness if you engage in combat alone or with a small group.

After a match, you get experience points, consumables, cosmetics, advancement points for the season pass, as well as money for the in-game store. What good would a free-to-play online game be without its cosmetics and season passes, after all?

Warlander - Customization

The season pass in Warlander is generic, allowing pass holders to access all prizes while providing non-pass holders just a tiny portion of the same amount of experience. In Warlander, you may purchase tools to improve your character’s skills as well as things for the character customization screen, such clothes and hair dye. Although I’m certain that Warlander will have a wider selection of goods and cosmetics in the future, what they now provide isn’t all that desirable to acquire.

Final Verdict

Warlander - Mecha

Warlander is an interesting PvP multiplayer game that seems to be finding its footing. It’s fun and has some really interesting ideas going for it but it feels like it still needs some more time to truly grow into what it’s aiming to be. For someone who is looking for a fresh experience then you might find this enjoyable as it is different compared to what’s on the market.

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