Monster Hunter: Rise PS5 – Review

Our Score: 9/10

In Monster Hunter: Rise, you’ll take on the role of a hunter as part of a brand-new story. Go through uncharted territories and kill dangerous beasts with a variety of weapons. The Monster Hunter series, which has won several awards and sold millions of copies, is continuing with this new instalment. The PC version further has a plethora of graphical and performance upgrades.

Rise above the Hunt

Locate a swarm of vicious creatures with distinct characteristics. Achieving any of the benefits, including the flagship wyvern Magnamalo, will need quick thinking and an understanding of their unique tendencies.

Join a whole new, exciting adventure in the quaint setting of Kamura Village. The vibrant local population of this peaceful area lives in constant fear of the Rampage, a catastrophic event in which a horde of monsters assaults the community all at once. Fifty years after the last Rampage, you and the locals must band together to overcome this challenge.

To experiment with different hunting strategies, use the Wirebug. Among the most important tools available to a hunter are wirebugs. Characters may conduct unique attacks for each of the game’s 14 weapon varieties, as well as zip up walls and across places using the special silk they discharge.

Depth Galore

In this game, you may choose from 14 various types of weapons, each with its unique play style and advantages. Prepare for a powerful blow with the Great Sword, kill your enemies with grace with the elegant Long Sword, create a deadly whirlwind of blades using the swift Dual Blades, launch yourself forward with the punishing Lance, or take aim from a distance using the Bow and Bowguns. You may choose a weapon that fits your play style among the many available in the game, and these are just few examples.

You may improve your existing equipment and craft new pieces of it using the materials dropped by the creatures you kill. Go back out into the wild and hunt more dangerous beasts for more loot! Any of the Equipment Boxes may be used to switch out your weapon at any moment, giving you a plethora of possibilities.

Co-op play is the most enjoyable mode. Taking on monsters as a lone adventurer is thrilling, but taking on monsters as a squad of four is even more exciting and a great opportunity to take use of the PC’s new visual flourishes and higher frame rates as players dart in and out of the battle, help each other, and pile upon the monster.

Visions of Beauty

Monster Hunter: Rise Attack

This is where things get exciting. Very rarely do we see an options menu for visual fidelity in console games but Monster Hunter Rise not only hits the current standards but goes beyond. You have three graphical presets. “Quality”, “Default” and “Performance”. These options are there if you want a no-frill experience for any of those settings. Want to prioritize graphics over framerate? You can do it. But that’s not where it ends. The game also gives you the option to individually tweak a lot of the settings and resolution! Want to make the perfect mix of 4K and high framerates? You can do it. And the game looks breathtaking in every setting. Quality just pushes it even beyond 4K!

In terms of framerates, the games can go all the way up to 120 fps. Playing Monster Hunter Rise at 120fps with a really high resolution and good graphics feels like a dream on the PS5. But it’s not a dream, you can actually do it. The fluidity really helps make the game that much more fun. Really makes the combat shine.

Final Verdict

Monster Hunter: Rise Crew

Monster Hunter: Rise on the PlayStation 5 is an incredible game. It takes full advantage of the hardware and allows you to customize the experience to your preference. Not to mention, the game is an absolute joy to play and great for newcomers to the series. If you’re looking for a great co-op game or looking to sink hundreds of hours in a game, this might be right up your alley.

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