Little Witch Nobeta – Review

Our Score: 9/10

In Little Witch Nobeta, the tiny marvel, Nobeta, arrived to the castle by herself to find the answer to her own personal riddle. She developed a variety of magical skills while taking on strong constructed souls and becoming friends with a mystifying small black cat to uncover the mysteries of the castle.

A Witch and Her Cat

Little Witch Nobeta - Nobeta

The witch in question, Nobeta, is headed to a mysterious ruin to find out who she is. A stingy, irritable black cat that seems to be hiding something from her is leading her along. The black cat says that everything else is unnecessary and that they should just be concerned with obtaining “the throne.” Nobeta will battle numerous bizarre creatures along the journey known as Crafted Souls, which are dolls that are autonomous and contain souls that are capable of conscious thinking.

The interactions with Crafted Souls have a bittersweet quality despite the fact that they are your foes. They are compelled to battle Nobeta just because of the fact that they are not human, in order to continue alive and prevent their ideas and aspirations from fading. As a result, Nobeta begins to wonder about what is going on around her, which causes tension and conflict with the black cat. This also gives Nobeta a feeling of humanity. Nobeta’s sense of personality becomes increasingly apparent as you go through the narrative.

Witching Combat

Little Witch Nobeta - Magic

Nobeta is highly capable of Defeating anything that stands in her way by using a range of spells she has acquired during the course of the game. She naturally has the ability to cast magic with many elemental types and effects. A shotgun-like fire spell, a sniper-like lightning spell, ice spells that shoot quickly, and a straightforward arcane magic spell are examples of this. This magic is all excellent, and it seems that depending on the circumstance, any alternative is justifiable. Depending on how you play, you can end up favouring a certain enchantment.

You won’t succeed by aimlessly attempting to smash an opponent. The secret to success in this game is to get familiar with the enemy’s routines and moves before going on the attack. Enemies are a delight to defeat due to their outstanding animation, keyframing, and ability to trick me the first few times.

You may parry approaching opponent blows, roll to avoid them, or leap over them. Despite the sometimes intimidatingly large number of foes, there is always a chance to defeat them due to excellent overall difficulty balance. Awarded Crafted Souls, which may be used at the game’s numerous save places, are received after you successfully kill opponents. You may level up Nobeta’s stats or purchase equipment like healing or magic restoration by using Crafted Souls. You should not believe that you can increase her stats to the point where you are unstoppable. While in the long run levelling up does matter, your gaming prowess is still the most important factor.

Castle Visions

Little Witch Nobeta has a realtively normal aesthetic, but it is much improved by excellent opponent and character design. Although most places place more emphasis on utility than on form, some spaces may seem fairly remarkable with the help of effective lighting and visual design. The aforementioned characters are the reason the game’s graphics stayed with me long after I played it. Strange, dead mannequins are all throughout the place, and monstrous dolls attack you with huge clippers. It’s eerie in a sense that’s both deliberate and successful.

Little Witch Nobeta - Sky

The animations are where the graphics really stand out. No matter how important a character or opponent is, everything has a genuine, substantial aspect to it. The animations, sound, and impact all work together to make even the act of slapping an adversary about seem satisfying. Also, it is apparent that the designers paid close attention to Nobeta’s animations. By the time the game was through, I had become very close to the little troublemaker because they loved her just as much as they wanted the player to. She moves, talks, and behaves in a manner that is both cute and lovable from beginning to finish.

Final Verdict

Little Witch Nobeta is an incredibly unique souls-like title where the combat is incredibly fun and the lore also shines with it’s dark and heavy themes. If you want a challenging that also has an interesting world then this game is perfect for you.

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