Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive Edition – Review

Our Score: 8/10

Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive Edition is filled with additional features for you to experience an exhilarating trip through a fabled Japanese land while engaging in frantic gunplay, razor-sharp melee fighting, and breathtaking free-running. So let’s take a look at what’s new in Lo Wang’s journey.

Defining The Definitive

Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive Edition - Combat

When you first start Shadow Warrior 3 Definitive Edition, everything seems brand-new right away. A nice pop-up informs you that “You have unlocked New Game + and unlocked chapter select.” It is a fantastic beginning for people who have already beaten the game before and want a new challenge or want to try their favourite stage.

You may choose the level you want to return to in Chapter Select, and it will also display how many upgrade points you were short in that level. The primary collectibles in the game are upgrade points, which modify the capabilities of your character or the rifle. The cinematics in Shadow Warrior 3’s original build was quite bad with stutters and bad motion blur. They are no longer stuttering or feel vaseline smeared. The game’s cinematics are generally strong and much more synced up, with the exception of one scene where there is still some blur. Also, this edition has more stuff to read, which is pretty cool.

Run and Gun Unlimited

Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive Edition - Katana

Those who felt Shadow Warrior 3 lacked content will be happy to learn that a new option, Survival Mode, may provide you with many hours of entertainment and engagement. There’s no doubt that the game needs this. You begin with your standard pistol and katana, and you may choose from three other weapons/upgrades after that. After your decision, a wave of demonic assailants will attempt to murder you; you must kill them all. You then have to repeat the same process with new adversaries after selecting one of three weapons or upgrades after eliminating the entire wave.

You may pick between three different maps in this new Survival Mode, each with a different set of bad guys and weaponry. Sincerity dictates that the battle in this mode is what makes the game excellent. The joy of this game comes from running quickly, moving about the arena with your grapple, and just shooting demons.

More Shooty Shooty

In Arena, you may choose from a range of challenges that will impact the demons’ damage multipliers. Simple, Standard, Hard, and Hardcore.

The main game’s “hardcore mode” has also undergone several changes. In the hardcore difficulty, demons are much more challenging, and you essentially simply want to avoid being struck at all. It raises the stakes, which in turn quickens the tempo of the battles. To avoid being encircled, you must slay more demons. It nearly makes it unpleasant to attempt to utilise the katana as much since it makes things very challenging and adds a new level of complexity to the combat. You won’t be able to use the Katana, therefore you’ll have less bullets overall.

I Need a Hero

There’s also the new Hero mode for the main campaign. This turns the game into an old-school shooter where you have limited lives. And if you lose them all, you have to restart the whole game. So if you think you know the game well enough and want another challenge then this is for you.

Final Verdict

Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive Edition aims to resolve the criticism from its initial launch where it lacked content. The game now features more ways for you to spend time as Lo Wang and to enjoy the fluid and frantic combat of the game.

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