Diablo 4 Closed Beta – Impressions

Our Score: 9/10

Diablo IV is right around the corner and we had a chance to try out the Closed Beta. Keep in mind that the game is still a work in progress. With that aside, one thing is clear, Blizzard know exactly what the players want from Diablo. After how Diablo 3 stumbled at launch initially, Diablo IV looks to right those wrongs and deliver a strong and memorable experience from the start. So let’s talk about the impressive closed beta.


Return of the King

It is obvious that Diablo IV builds upon the third game and Immortal. This is designed to support many players and be a more social activity. Killing one of the world bosses was definitely a lot of fun, and going around with a group was awesome. This is supported by the classes, which have some intriguing synergies. For instance, an ice mage fits in well with a character that can deal a lot of damage. However, Diablo is at its best when I’m playing by myself, exploring an ancient basement filled with tombs and parchment scrolls. These bouts feel the greatest in the series, in my opinion, and they are just as fantastic here.

There is a traditional item system to aid your character in surviving beyond the scope of their powers in combat. You decide what to wear and what to pack in your rucksack in the conventional sense. Your equipment is in your bag. The absence of portals, identification scrolls, and an abundance of remedies is notable. This time, you start with a variety of health potions that you can update depending on the level of your character using resources you collect in the wild. You can increase the number of potions you can carry in the game by completing specific objectives. Similar to Diablo III, opponents now drop red items that you can collect to increase your potion supply. It plainly combines elements of Diablo II and III and is straightforward and efficient.

Items Galore

Additionally, you can upgrade, upgrade, shred, and add magical enhancements to your equipment in the cities. Additionally, the traditional gem system is returned, and you can combine stones to create bigger and more potent examples of the same kind. The powers of your equipment get percentage-based boosts from the stones just like before.

You’ll realise how huge the game is after you’re outfitted, armoured, magically strengthened, and out in the world. Although the beta didn’t allow access for long enough to allow for the acquisition of horses, horses are present to aid in covering great distances because navigating the environment through all the dangers takes time. Of course, there are still teleportation portals, but they are much more rare and are now exclusively found in cities rather than caverns on the world map. Do not, however, assume that this entails travelling great miles without much happening. On the other hand, you frequently come across side quests, are attacked, and must find caves and events.


Diablo IV is shaping up to be an absolutely incredible game, one that is worthy of the heavy name it carries. I’m incredibly excited for the game’s final release because this beta has got me absolutely hooked and I can’t wait to play more.

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