Trinity Fusion – Review

Our Score – 8/10

Angry Mob Games released Trinity Fusion, a 2D action roguelike platformer, on Steam on April 14, 2023. Since it is in early access, the final version of the game might look quite different from the current version.Trinity Fusion is a Rogue-Lite action platformer set in a vast, doomed cosmos in which you explore dark, sci-fi locales and participate in rapid, precise combat.

The Triverse

Trinity Fusion - Story

Each universe is represented by one of three unique personalities. Each of the three identical characters is armed with a trifecta of melee, ranged, and energy weapons. The main difference is that certain characters are better than others with particular weapons.

In the beginning of the game, the player can only control Altara, the Underworld’s representative. When you get to two locations in one of your playthroughs, you’ll have your pick of the three playable characters.
Each globe contains two stages and a boss battle to finish in the early access version. The length of each stage is about par for the course, but they are all really well-designed and packed with exciting content from start to finish. You may earn currency by completing objectives within a level. You’ll need these coins to do two things: buy cool new gadgets and unlock secret areas of the game. The coin-operated computers are in addition to the free ones. One or two paid and numerous unpaid workstations are often available at each level. You’ll find two random objects (money, weapons, perks, or artefacts) inside when you open them.


If you think you may have neglected to investigate a section of the map or if you think you may have missed a hidden area, you may utilise one of the many teleport stations dotted about the stage to instantly transport your character to that section. They aren’t necessary at first, but they become quite useful once you’re familiar with the arena. Cursed Rocks appear once every level and provide the player access to a free buff or weapon. Until you either complete the stage or kill a certain number of enemies, your character’s health will be reduced by a certain percentage, for example 30%.

The game’s visuals are impressive, showcasing a wide range of styles that are all appealing to the eye. The game’s story is engaging enough to keep you playing. Due to the game being in early access, there are a few small glitches and clipping concerns. There are plenty of autosaves in case you need to start the game again.

Final Verdict

Trinity Fusion is an incredibly fun rogue-lite that brings a very interesting story to the genre while also executing it in a fun way in terms of gameplay. It’s still in early access which means its getting constant updates and changes to improve the game.

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