Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist Of Salburg

Our Score: 8/10

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Atelier series, Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg, a reamek of the original 1997 PlayStation game, receives a contemporary makeover. The gameplay options in Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg are updated in addition to the graphics and music. It’s a welcome release because fans may now play the alchemy series’ founding title, which in its original form never outside Japan.

Original Atelier

Atelier Marie Remake - Cutscene

You take on the role of Marie, a student at Salburg’s alchemy academy who also happens to have one of the lowest test scores in school history. Ingrid, Marie’s professor, assigns her a special exam in order to assist her. Marie is given a modest atelier store by Ingrid, and she has five years to use alchemy to produce an astonishing item. It won’t be an easy assignment for Marie because she keeps failing, but with the player’s assistance and a fundamental knowledge of the game’s alchemical mechanics, you’ll come out on top.

Along with employing alchemy to make products, you’ll also search for ingredients and build relationships with the locals. Since the game’s relationships are built on friendship, there is no romantic engagement in them. These relationship levels will influence which in-game events and dialogue are activated. Additionally, your friends’ costs decrease when you hire them to go exploring. In addition to helping you find occupations to make money, going to your neighbourhood pub can help you find new places and set off events by inquiring about rumours. You’ll have to spend 100 coins on it, but you’ll need it to make good alchemy.

Atelier Marie Remake - Convo

The majority of your pals who are available for hiring can be found at the tavern. Atelier Marie requires paid party members, in contrast to many other role-playing games (RPGs). Their charges will decrease if you have a good relationship with them. You are also responsible for your equipment, so make sure you have enough money to update it when you can for simpler exploration as the tale progresses.

Counting Days

The focus of Atelier Marie Remake is on completing objectives by the game’s calendar. You must complete your schoolwork, which is simple and not difficult to do because the allotted time is more than enough. The challenges are the objectives imposed by haphazard party requests and at the neighbourhood pub. The prize amount lowers if the deadline is missed. The work is cancelled and your reputation and friendship suffer if you wait even longer after that.

Atelier Marie Remake - Collecting

Normally, you have about a month to complete the assignment. However, the steps needed to complete a task can be challenging. If you don’t have any of an item in your inventory, you may need to leave the town to find it in one of several places. Travelling one trip typically takes between three and eight days. As days will pass while obtaining ingredients, add a few more days to find the items. Then, add a few more days to return. You need to undertake your alchemy as well, which can take a further few days to complete.

The “Unlimited Mode” in Atelier Marie Remake is a new option available to those who wish to explore and surpass the five-year milestone. This provides players the choice to enjoy the game without a time limit and stop the game whenever they like, which is a terrific option for casual gamers, especially since you only have access to one ingredient on a single day of the year.

A New Look

Atelier Marie Remake - Combat

The 3D character and stage models for Atelier Marie Remake have been totally updated. However, compared to the original, it makes sense why they used this rather than making it more like their prior Atelier games, such Atelier Ryza 3. Character models still maintain the extremely distorted, chibi look. When compared to the PlayStation version from 1997, the remake has considerably better visuals and more information. The 2D images have also been cleaned up while maintaining the anime look from the 1990s.

The soundtrack for the game has a more orchestrated tone, which undoubtedly contributes to the remake atmosphere. Since Atelier Marie is the first game in the series, players will recognise some of the elements that are utilised to give the impression that they are in a familiar setting.

Final Verdict

Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist Of Salburg is a fantastic modern remake of a game that started a unique franchise back in the late 90s. It manages to capture the charm of the original with modern changes and upgrades for a newer audience to enjoy.

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